Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Indians win Game 1 of WS 6-0 Power Surge, 88, and Game 2 Time Change

Indians win Game 1 with a score 6-0. 
The Curse of Rocky Colavito was on the 108th day of 1960. 

This game reminded me a lot of last years WS. We got the crazy 1st inning in which Guyer gets hit by a pitch with the bases loaded for a score.  Remember last year we got the Inside the Park Homerun in the 1st inning as well. 

I cannot get a good picture of it but we even had a power problem like last year in game 1. 
The announcer says 
Power Surge"=57, 66, 147
World Series=57, 66, 147
Sixth Inning=66, 147
When they showed the Power Surge I notice the Building they were showing had a 9 on it? Not sure what the meaning is but interesting. Also they were highlighting # 55 for the Indians on the screen as I believe he was batting. He ended up hitting the 3 run HR to make the score 6-0 too. 
Cleveland Indians=94  won 94 Regular season games. 
Fifty Five=54, 108

Also Corey Kluber left the game after the Cubs got a hit on him on his 88th pitch. 

It was even an 88mph pitch. 
Curse of the Billy Goat=88

I'm guessing Cubs win tomorrow as they kept telling us because of the Rain tomorrow's game is going to be played at 7:08ET. 
That means it will be 19:08ET Military. 
Cubs haven't won since 1908. 
We will see but I'm pretty sure they kept telling us this for this reason. It also makes it interesting as they would go back to Chicago and play at 19:08 Central time the next 3 games. Something worth noting although not sure it will happen. 

Interesting the Cavs won tonight too. They beat the Knicks who scored 88 points. 
117 has been a number I've seen a lot this year. 
Muhammad Ali born on 1/17...Dwayne Wade born on 1/17. 
Parkinsons disease=117
Prince died 1 month 17 days before his bday. 
Nebraska in it's 117th season being the Huskers. 
A whole lot more. 

Cleveland Indians=67
Prince born on 6/7. 


  1. dan thx for the insight..enjoy your work!

  2. do you watch the walking dead series? the seventh season premiered on sunday (s07e01..71) and there was this one scene, where a car's number plate read FS1-7039. I didnt know what the FS1 stood for but now I see from your post, that it means Fox Sports 1.

    7039 - 905th prime
    739 - 131st prime

    "fox sports one" in the English Sumerian system equals 1116

    the cubs are 9-10 againts Indians right now, a loss would make it 9-11.

  3. Some interesting things here: "Jon Lester" = 118, threw "Ninety Seven Pitches" = 88, 232 including "fifty seven strikes" = 232. "Kluber" = 33, threw "eighty eight pitches" = 104. The indians total threw "one hundred fifty one pitches" = 288, kind of like 2 88's. Meanwhile across the street the knicks score "eighty eight points" = 99, 216 in the 216 area code while the indians and cubs were 9-9 against each other at the time. Also both teams only had 161 regular season games now they meet in the WS 161+161=322.

    1. That building across the way is just called The 9 and there are like apartments and a hotel there. I also tried to tell some cubs fans that we were in the middle of a ritual when they took Kluber out with 88 pitches but they weren't having it of course haha.