Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Finger symbolism with Indians

I haven't even read the article but notice the 2:08 time on this headline video on Espn. 
That's 128 seconds. 
Remember Bauer was 12-8 going into the game. He's born on a date numerology of 128. The video with him and the Drone is 1:28. 
World Series=147
Interesting though  "Finger"=59 as well. 
Toronto Blue Jays=59

We also got this article about Terry Francona flipping off the Camera.  
Flipping the Bird lol as they are playing the Blue Jays(Bird). 
Giving the Finger...just more Finger symbolism. 

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  1. The 28 reminds me of 28 years since Dodgers won in 88 and 28 years between Indians World Series Wins. ESPNs video lengths so far this post season have all been connected, they even had one "Bauer leaves Game 3 with bloody finger" 44 seconds long lol.