Sunday, October 16, 2016

Kaepernick starts against Buffalo 10/16 RAMS Moses

Kaepernick got his 1st start this year today in a 45-16 loss to Buffalo. 

Notice last year the last game he played was on 11/8. This was also the same day Teddy Bridgewater got knocked out playing the Rams. Then Bridgewater gets injured this year just before playing the Rams. Then the Vikings pick up ex Ram Sam Bradford who was born on 11/8.   See my previous posts or my Recent Sports video playlist on Youtube I cover this extensively with how a bunch of stories are interrelated. 
All of the RACE stuff goes back to Moses(Aries the Ram). The 49ers play in Levi's Stadium...Moses in the Tribe of Levi. 
Moses Freed the Slaves etc...

Kaepernick's last start before today was on 11/1/15.  Look up above and you will see that it was against the RAMS. 

The only other game he has played in this year was of course against the RAMS on 9/12. 

Interesting today is 11 months 8 days after 11/8 as well. 

The reason he started against Buffalo was because that's where William McKinley was assassinated. It's too much to rexplain in this post but all of the Minnesota stuff connects back to the Alton Sterling/Philando Castile stories..  Castile died in Falcon Hgts Minnesota where Teddy Roosevelt gave a famous speech about the Big stick just days before McKinley was assassinated which in turn made Roosevelt the new president. 
The upcoming election is on 11/8 and it will be the 45th president.  So will be interesting to see what becomes of them. I need to look more into Tim Kaine and Mike Pence I think...Possibly it's still for Obama the 45th person to be president and Joe Biden. 
Buffalo Bills=45, 117
No wonder they won with 45 points. 

We of course also get a pic of Kapernick wearing a Muhammad Ali shirt. 
Ali born on 1/17 . 
Parkinsons disease=117
Ali dies on 6/3. 
The prophet Muhammad died age 63. 

Sixteen=33, 96
Highest Degree 33. 
Colin Kaepernick=74=Masonic

The Rams lost to Detroit today making both their records 3-3. 

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