Monday, October 24, 2016

127 People arrested at Dakota Access Pipeline-Michael Jordan-North Dakota-Indians vs Cubs

This is a headline article on CNN. Ha the reason it's 127 arrested at this pipeline with protesting Native Americans is because that's the number connected to Michael Jordan. 
Jordan retired from Baseball on 3+10+19+95=127
The Bulls retired his # 23  1 year 27 days after he retired. 
Jordan played 127 games with the Birmingham Barons. He was also 31 years old.  
31st prime is 127. 
The MLB strike happened 127 days after Jordan's first baseball game. 
Just pointing out too in regards to the Blood Moon and Anderson Varejao(Wild Thing) stuff. 9/28/15 to 10/25/16 is 1 year 27 days. 
Seriously the Exorcism I keep mentioning and how it's somehow connected to this lasted 23(Jordan) non consecutive days but it began on 8/18 and ended on 12/23 a span of 127 days and it was 88 years ago. 
Even better  "Father Howard"=127(Molester Priest)
Dakota Access Pipeline=188...8/18 or 18/8. 

Also 8/8 this year was the 127th day of th MLB season. 

North Dakota=127

North Dakota became a state on 11/2/1889. 
The 112th World Series with the Indians....
11/2 the day a possible game 7 would be of the 112th WS. 

The anniversary of ND being a state on 11/2 this year will be the 127th anniversary lol give me a break.
Standing Rock Sioux=79, 88, 223
Curse of the Billy Goat=88, 223

In regards to 7/6 the Alton Sterling/Philando Castile stuff that connects to what I am saying. 
McKinley dies in Buffalo(Indians)  Teddy Roosevelt who was the president the last time the Cubs won gave the speech in Falcon Heights. 
Falcon Heights=127
Houma People=127 (what Baton Rouge is named for)
Death of Pat Conroy Back to the Future
The above link may be connected as well. 
Pat Conroy=127 

Italy Trainwreck on 12/7 killed 23

There was also an Italy train wreck on July 12th or 12/7 that killed 23 people. 
July 12th to 10/8 is 88 days. 
The Cubs and Indians both had played 88 games on this day too as it was the All Star Game. 

The "Omaha Indians"=54, 108  also got their Sacred Pole back on July 12th 1989. 
July 12th....12/7.   
I keep saying there is a big clue in the area I live...
Dunlap, Iowa=116 
Indians in their 116th season. 

The headline on this article is interesting as well. 
Drone Shot, Road reopens at Dakota Access Pipeline Protest=219
Back to Back Championships=219
This number burnt me on the NBA Finals though. I kept seeing it around the Warriors who were going for Back to Back Championships. I wonder if it truly is just for Cleveland or not? 


  1. Dan I pretty sure you had a feeling Nebraska would be undefeated when they play at Wisconsin, Week 9. Well, they are. Good stuff.

    Wisconsin is a huge favorite too which is surprising.

  2. Yes I told a kid that a few weeks back at the bar. He's a big Nebraska fan I told him I doubt they lose until at least Wisconsin and they might even Win. I haven't looked at it yet but as far as records go it's fitting either way. Nebraska to be 7-1 or Wisconsin to be 5-3. I'm really starting to think that Nebraska may get Mike Riley's 112th win this year. I'm hoping to make a post on it before the end of the week.

    1. Notice Mike Reily's record as a head coach is 106-87,

      "Mike Riley" in the English Ordinal system equals 107. Fitting he gets his 107th win