Friday, October 7, 2016

Chelsea Trash Bombs and Chelsea Replays in MLB

I don't know why I never thought of it before, probably because I really don't watch baseball all season. Just look at scores and what not, but in tonight's game they kept saying how they were checking the video replay's on the challenged plays in Chelsea. 
Which of course reminds us of the Chelsea Trash Bombs on 9/17. 
Anyway I talked about how the Red Sox played the Yankees that day like in the movie Charlie St. Cloud, but I never looked at other teams really on that day. 
I'm assuming there will be something significant in regards to the replays in these playoffs. 

The Indians got their 86th win on their 148th game that day against Detroit. 
Cleveland Indians=148

The Indians # 2 pitcher broke his hand in this game. He got hit by a the ball on a hit by Ian Kinsler. 
Ian Kinsler=112

Notice the Indians Pitcher was also # 59.. Possibly gettting him out so they get "Kill"=59 ed. 
Notice he has 44 career wins right now too. 

The Rangers also lost 11-2 that day. 

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  1. Dan maybe yesterday's 5-4 final score, connected to 1954 Cleveland Indians; lost in the World Series to the 'New York Giants'

    ...possible Super Bowl Champion this year as well..