Sunday, October 9, 2016

Dodgers vs Nationals game Postponed...History of Postponed playoff games.

I literally just got home and wasn't able to watch any sports today. I saw online that the Dodgers vs Nationals game was postponed because of Hurricane Matthew. 

Lol look when they are remaking it up...What a time...1:08pm tomorrow. The game was supposed to be today on 10/8. 
I wonder if that 2:22 Tweet is connected to one of the Amtrak Derailments earlier this year as well. 
Also interesting in regards to the 235 likes on the tweet. 
Washington Nationals=235

The only other postponement for the Dodgers all year was August 30th.  So 39 days ago. 
Interesting they made the game up on August 31st though. 
The made up game was the night game as well. Notice the Dodgers won 10-8. 
Notice too It's CR which is 3, 18.  They make the game up on 31/8. 
Also in regards to Prince stuff...
Prince Charles born on 318th day of the year. His wife Diana died on 31/8. 
Also it was their 133rd game. The Dodgers are in their 133rd season. 

They made the game up 38 days before this postponement. 
Colorado Rockies=73, 163
163rd is the 38th prime. 
Notice the Dodgers stayed on 73 wins in the first game that day too. 
Los Angeles Dodgers=73

The only postponement for the Nationals this year was on 4/9 against Miami. They made the game up on 5/14. 

They made the game up 147 days before 10/8. 
World Series=147
Which would be interesting in regards to the Teddy Roosevelt stuff that's somewhat connected to the Native american theme I've followed. 

The last time there was a postponement in the post season was 726 days ago. It was KC vs Orioles on 10/13/14. 
Interesting the Royals went on to lose to the Giants that year in the WS. 

In 2012 The Tigers postseason game was postponed and they went on to the World Series and lost to San Francisco as well. 

That postponement came 726 days before the KC one in 2014 as well....

In 2011 there was a postponement on 10/9/11 in the Rangers game. The Rangers went on to lose in the WS against Cardinals. 
There was also a postponement in the World Series that year. 

In 2009 both the Yankees and the Phillies had Postponed games in the playoffs. The Yankees went on to beat the Phillies though. 

In 2006 the Cardinals defeated the Tigers in the World Series. Notice both of the teams had a postponed game during the playoffs. 

Interesting in 2004 the Red Sox had a postponed game and went on to win the WS against the Cardinals who didn't. This was the year they broke the Curse though so something interesting to think about. 

In 2003 the Yankees had a post season playoff game postponed and they went on to lose in the World Series to Florida. 

Wow so I went through every year on it only goes back to 2002.  But everytime a postponed game has happened in the playoffs a team in that series goes on to lose in the WS. There were 2 exceptions...the 2004 Boston Red Sox were postponed and won the World Series and the picture above showing the Yankees vs Angels Postponed in 2005. Yet Houston went on to lose to the White Sox that year. 
I'm still trying to figure out if there is a certain reason for these 2 instances. I wonder if because the Red Sox were supposed to break the Curse they Won? It is interesting in regards to the Yankees vs Angels game too as it was on 10/8 just like this year. Who knows possibly there will be other postponed games this year. I really need to get some sleep but for sure will be looking more into this tomorrow. 

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  1. George washington born on 2/22.
    2+22+17+32 totals 73.
    Los Angeles dodgers = 73.
    Last won the WS in 88.
    George Washington = 88.
    Became president on 4+30+17+89 = 140.
    Dodger stadium = 140.