Saturday, October 22, 2016

Death of Fat Comedian Kevin Meaney 124, 61 Cubs/Indians/Dodgers

Unbelievable lol not really. I made a post and video not too long ago about Fat Comedians and how they always die in connection with 124 and 61. 
Kevin Meaney=52, 61, 124
Fat Comedians Deaths John Candy, Chris Farley, Sam Kinison, John Belushi
Youtube Video on John Candy's Death-other Fat Comedians
Above is a link to my previous post and video on it. 
You know I almost feel like this story came out for me to see. The reason I noticed the connection between Fat Comedians was because I was watching the film Uncle Buck and it made me look this up.  Notice this guy famous for being on the TV Series Uncle Buck. 

Notice they also brought this series back this year even. It was cancelled on 7/6 the big day I have mentioned that connects all of the interrelated stories. Interesting that I just learned Valentines is also celebrated on 7/6. This version is the Black Version of the show, I've mentioned how they did this in a lot of stuff including Can't Buy me Love that they re-made as Love Don't Cost a Thing(Nick Cannon). Also the little Orphan Annie movie they just remade with the Black Annie. 

In the movie Uncle Buck they move from Indianapolis to Chicago and then the grandpa has a heart attack in Indianapolis. Point is that the movie is set in Chicago. 

Interesting that Kevin Meaney dies 181 days after his bday. 
Los Angeles Dodgers=181
In the above article I got a bad screen shot, but it says Meaney was supposed to play a show in Rhode Island on Saturday(10/22). 
Rhode Island=55, 109
Los Angeles=55, 109  and the Cubs play them on 10/22. 
Notice his bday on 4/23/56 as well.  This was a leap year so the 114th day of the year.  Remember if the Cubs win the WS this year it will be their 114th win of the season. 

The 4th episode of the show is called Cub Fever I guess Buck gets to provide commentary with Haray Caray during the 9th inning of a Cubs game. I can't find it online to watch, but I'm guessing there's a big clue in it. 
Notice it came out on 10/1 too. The day that leaves 91 days in the year. 
Chicago Cubs=91
Chicago Illinois=91
In regards to Uncle Buck John Candy died in 1994(the Indians/White Sox/MJ).  John Candy was also in the movie Rookie of the Year as the announcer for Cubs. 

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