Friday, October 7, 2016

Biggest Threat in Decades...Hurricane Matthew..Hurricane Nicole

Biggest Threat in Decades=97, 205
Hurricane=97, 52

In regards to all the 112 foreshadowing. The Atlantic Hurricane Season first storm formed on 1/12 this year. 

We also have Hurricane Nicole in the Atlantic as well right now. 

It's the first time 2 Category 2 Hurricanes have existed in the Atlantic since 1964.  Interesting Nicole becomes a Hurricane on 10/6.  
1964 was 52 years ago. 
Prophecy=52, 106

Matthew, Nicole=58, 148

There's been a lot of death/destruction stories about Florida this year as well.
Moon=170 (Jewish)
Florida became a state in 1845 the same year of the first baseball game played on 10/6 in Hoboken. 
It's the 27th state.

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