Thursday, October 6, 2016

Indians Opening game Postponed against Boston

So the Indians first game of the season was postponed as well. Of course they were playing Boston who they are playing the playoffs. Notice 2 of their first 4 games were postponed. Then a game against Michael Jordan's old team the White Sox was also postponed. The only other postponed game I see all season for the Indians was the Detroit game the same day the Cubs tied for the first time since 2005 when the White Sox won. 

The first postponed game was on the opening day and made up the next day of 4/5.  Anyway I guess the last time the Indians postponed an opening game they lost in the ALCS to the Red Sox. Interesting now they are playing the Red Sox before the ALCS. 
Interesting that the Indians won 96 games that regular season as well. This year the opening game was rescheduled for the 96th day of the year on 4/5.

Also remember the Indians 14 game win streak that began with the White Sox and came to an end with a 9-6 loss to the Blue Jays. Notice the Indians also stayed on 49 wins. 

The Second Make up game for the Red Sox Indians game supposed to be on 4/7 was made up on 8/15.  Notice the Indians stayed on 49 losses but also 67 wins..."Cleveland Indians"=67

The game was also made up 4 months 8 days after it was supposed to be played.  Also they first played the White Sox this year on 4/8.  Michael Jordan's debut on 4/8/1994.. Born on 48th day of the year.  Indians haven't won since 1948. 

The Reason it was made up on this day is because it was the 228th day. Remember how I showed the Cubs and the Indians both cursed by Detroit....Harvey Kuenn died the same day Aroldis Chapman was born. 2/28/88, Which was 148 days before the Cubs picked up Chapman this year. "Cleveland Indians"=148
The Cubs tie was against the "Pittsburgh Pirates"=228 the same day the Indians vs Detroit game was postponed. 
Death=228 and 2/28 is the 59th day of the year though. "Kill"=59 but also "Michael Jordan"=59=Toronto Blue Jays...

Notice the Indians in 2007 also instead played their opening game against the Angels in Milwaukee? 

The Cubs first postponed game this year was against Milwaukee and they opened their season against the Angels. 

They even made up the game 112 days later on 8/16. 

Interesting too the Cubs also were supposed to play the Padres on 5/9 but it was postponed as well. 
Back to the Future=59
2007 was also 59 years since the Indians last won a WS in 1948. 
Cleveland beat the Boston Braves in 1948. 

The Indians also beat both Boston Teams that year to win the the WS. First the Red Sox in a 1 game playoff and then the Braves in the WS. 

Interesting in the film Major League II when the Indians start doing well is after the Red Sox game. They then defeat the Blue Jays to clinch the division. Then beat the White Sox to make the WS. 


  1. If the Indians win the World Series, and this was your whole Back to Back connection, (in terms being Cavaliers & Indians championships), I'll be blown away.

    Ive had Texas over Cubs for months now, but starting to think you have something w/ Cleveland

    1. I will be just as surprised as you. Clear back then I never even thought about the possibility of the Indians winning after the Cavs won. I did talk about Stipe Miocic becoming the Champion in UFC just before the Cavs won but