Friday, October 21, 2016

Bill Murray Declares Cubs will win at the White House..Cleveland Indians/Space Jam/Valentines Day-St. Valentines Day Massacre/Blood Moons/Ghostbusters/Groundhog Day/

Today we got a story about Bill Murray crashing the White House briefing to declare the Cubs will reach the World Series. Now this is great as I talked about Bill Murray almost 2 years in regards to his connection with Chicago/Michael Jordan/Space Jam/I pet Goat II/Chicago Cubs and more. 

I love that he brought up STICKS. Remember I keep saying there is something connected to the Native American Theme in regards to Sticks. Teddy Roosevelt gave the speech in Falcon Heights, MN talking about Carrying the Big Stick(Philando Castile), Obama gave a Speech at McKinley HS in Baton Rouge(Alton Sterling) just after his state of the Union. Roosevelt became President when McKinley was assassinated. Baton Rouge named after the RED STICK marking the hunting boundaries of the Houma People. 

He was born on September 21st or 21/9. 
Back to Back Championships=219
It's also the 264th day of the year. 
Bill Murray is surrounded by the number 67 too. 
Cleveland Indians=67
The World Series begins on 10/25..the day that leaves 67 days in the year. 
Murray's father died in 1967 age 46(Chicago)
His mother died age 67 in 1988. 
Ghostbusters came out on 6/7. 
William Murray=67
Groundhog Day=67
On 1/9 of 2015 a Bill Murray account on Twitter even tweeted "You could give me 67 years to do something, but I still wouldn't do it until the night before". 
19th prime is 67....And why would he say when he was only 64 years old at the time? It didn't make that much sense to me. 
1/9 can also be 9/1 of course.. "Chicago Cubs"=91
Also the Worst Blizzard ever recorded in Chicago was in 1967. 

On Space Jam just before Bill Murray comes in, they show the Toon Score of 67 and then for no reason at all the score changes to 77-76 with no time off the clock after Murray comes in. 

There's a whole bunch of 22 around Bill Murray as well. 
Groundhog Day is 2-2. 
He wore # 22 in Space Jam and runs a play with # 2 Daffy Duck who was 2-2 shooting in the game on Space Jam. 
MJ was 22-22 shooting in the game. 
Bill Murray tells Larry Bird they are both taking 2's on the hole after Michael gets sucked into Toon Land. 
An interesting note is that Bill Murray mentions Clayton Kershaw in his white house statement...Kershaw who wears # 22.  
There is a lot of 22 in regards to Murray I just don't have time to watch like 50 videos I made in regards to Valentines and Space Jam. 

You have to love how the video they give us in the article is also 54 seconds. 

I also mentioned how Valentines Day was very important to all of this stuff. 
Valentines is 67 days before the 112th day of the year.  
Think about the dates too both can be written as 214.    2/14(Feb 14) or 21/4(April 21). 
Ghostbusters II the Lady tells Bill Murray an Alien told her the World would end on Valentines Day 2016. We just had the new Ghostbusters that premiered 108 days before the WS this year and it's 108 minutes long.   It didn't come out in the US until 7/15 which is 214 days before 2/14/17. 

Valentines the 45th day of the year. 
MJ wore # 45 in Baseball...and came back wearing # 45. He also wore # 12 for 1 game on Valentines Day 1990. 
Cubs=45  Been Cursed since 1945. 
Wrigley=45=Illinois=Miami(Back to Future)
Love=54...Evol is Love Backwards so 45. 
Evol is what is on the Chalkboard in I Pet Goat II(Curse of Billy Goat).  "I Pet Goat II"=57=World Series
It shows Psalm 23 as it takes us outside where it's covered in Snow. The Great Blizzard of 1967 in Chicago was 23 inches. 

MJ Retired after 9 seasons wearing # 23. 
In Space Jam they show his Olympic # 9 Jersey next to his # 23. 

I have also mentioned how there is a big MOON connection to all of this. It's interesting the last time there was a Tetrad...4 Blood Moon it began in 1967. Funny how they are connected to Israel as well, in which I just mentioned. 
And the Last Blood Moon in 2015 was on Anderson Varejao's 33rd bday. 
Benjamin Netanyahu turned 67 years old today.

In the Movie Valentines Day with Ashton Kutcher/Taylor Swift a kid at school says Valentines Day is a Massacre that happened in Chicago that put a curse on the Cubs. 
The St. Valentines Day Massacre happened in 1929 and the Cubs made the World Series in 1929 and lost to the A's. The WS began on 10/8. 

The 1929 WS also famous for the Mack Attack in Game 4 which caused the Cubs to lose 10-8. 
Connie Mack=88=Curse of the Billy Goat(Although it hadn't happened yet). 
The St. Valentines Day Massacre will be 88 years ago on Valentines 2017 which is interesting. 

Notice the 112th WS begins 112 days before the 88th anniversary of the St. Valentines Day Massacre as well. 

Look at that Valentines Day is also celebrated on July 6th in Eastern Orthodox.  No wonder that was such a big day this year(Alton Sterling, Philando Castile and much more). 
It can also be written as 6/7. 
Philando Castile=67
Alton Sterling=67
Blue Lives Matter=67
In effect on 5+26+20+16=67
Obama in 2014 was with the King of Jordan on Valentines Day, then in 2015 and 2016 he went golfing which reminds us of Jordan in Space Jam. Guess where Michael Jordan was on Valentines 2015? He was at a PRINCE concert on 23 Wall Street in which Prince was performing for Michael Jordan's 30th anniversary of his Shoe Brand. 
In the Movie Herbie Fully loaded they show a Newspaper about the race in the very first Herbie Movie, it shows that that race was on Valentines day 1964. That movie Lindsay Lohan is wearing the shirt with the Golden Gate Bridge on it with a Blood Moon. 
Set in San Francisco the town of the backwards LOVE-EVOL. 
November Eighth=151(election day)
Valentines Day=151

The Pope was the guy who made Valentines a Holiday and banned Lupercalia. He was the 49th Pope. I think this is why Pope Francis is so specially connected to Michael Jordan and Pope Francis is 217 Popes after him.  MJ born on 2/17. 
Pope Gelasius=145
Chicago Illinois=145

The St. Valentines day Massacre was Al Capone trying to Kill BUGS(Space Jam) Moran. 

Al Capone=67   dies age 48. 

I even talked about Little Orphan Annie and the song Tomorrow as Tomorrow is a Day away, almost like the Day Before in which Bill Murray was talking about.   Notice the guy who wrote Tomorrow the song is 88 years old and born on 6/7. 
Little Orphan Annie first premiered on August 10th(10/8) of 1976. 
It didn't premiere on Broadway until 4/21/1977...The 112th day. 

The Cubs were in the World Series in 1918 the year World War I came to and End. 
The Cubs were in the World Series in 1945 the year World War II came to an End. 
I'm wondering if something signficant is planned for October 24th 2016?  It's the Day before the World Series begins? 
Tomorrow's game is on 10/22 as well. 
10/22 is the the 46th anniversary of Billy Sianis' Death(the guy who cursed the Cubs). It would be pretty fitting for them to break the Curse on the 46th anniversary. Chicago=46   and also 10/22 is the date of the newspaper in Back to the Future. 

I've been going back and looking at my old videos and I even talked about how Bill Murray had an interview with Haray Carey on 8-8-88.  
If you search my videos be aware that in some of them I was saying a few wrong info thing in regards to Gematria back then.  Not a lot but I said Chicago, Illinois=144 not 145 and October=88 not 78.  I think that was all of them, but I didn't know about the Gematria Calculator back then and did all of it in my head at work and made some errors. Most of the videos were more focused on Dates/and Ages of People though and not so much gematria. 

I swear I saw a story about the Hells Angels today but now can't seem to find it. Anyway Bill Murray also played Hunter S. Thompson in "Where the Buffalo Roam". Notice Hunter S. Thompson died age 67.  
Buffalo....Native Americans
Where the Buffalo Roam=94=Cleveland Indians
Hunter S. Thompson lived and interviewed the Hells Angels that were founded in 1948.   In the movie with Murray he even has the dog named Bronco that he is training to bite Richard Nixon. 
Just before the Superbowl there were a bunch of Motorcycle stories in Colorado, even the Broncos bus crashed into a motorcycle cop. 

Murray was also the voice of Baloo on the new Jungle Book. The original came out in 1967. Remember Sebastian Cabot was the original voice of the Bagheera the Black Panther and he died the same day as Huey P. Newton.  But anyway Cabot born on 7/6.


  1. amazing post! both names on those tweets in the background have 44 in them tara44 and vj44. i dunno it just seems like this whole stunt is trying to communicate something

  2. Very good work, friend. You have some good info here.

  3. October 23rd is 4/6 on the 13 Moon Calendar.