Saturday, October 15, 2016

Back to Back 1948 Trivia Question in Nebraska game...Indians vs Blue Jays

It's almost halftime of the Nebraska game and they give us this Trivia question. 
Who are the only Indiana head coaches with Back-to-back winning seasons since 1948? 
Interesting in regards 1948...and notice on the bottom of the screen they decide to show us the score of the Blue Jays vs Indians...The Indians who haven't won since 1948 and if they do it will be Back to Back Championships for Cleveland. 
They show us it's been 3 guys. 
John Pont (67, 68)
Lee Corso (79, 80)
Bill Mallory (3 times). 
I'll have to check these guys out, but what an interesting question to ask. I have noticed a lot of Back to Back being used during the baseball games in the playoffs as well. 

Also remember the 1971 National Championship seems to be the big thing with Nebraska this year. Nebraska won in 1972 as well. So they won Back to Back Championships. The Beat LSU in 1971 and Alabama in 1972. 

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