Monday, October 31, 2016

Game 5 World Series..Curse of the Billy Goat 88, 223..Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Cubs win game 5 with a score of 3-2. 

Curse of the Billy Goat=88, 223

Aroldis Chapman pitches the most innings he's ever pitched and it was 2 and 2/3rds innings lol. 

I need to go back and watch games 3 and 4 but just like games 1 and 2 we got significant happenings in the game on the 88th pitch. Lester throws a hit that makes the score 3-2 on his 88th pitch. 

I noticed too that the Cubs tied the game at 1 on Bryant's HR on Trevor Bauer's 48th pitch. 
Indians haven't wont since 48'...yada yada yada. 
Game 6 is on 11+1+20+16=48

Also at the end of the game some of the signs in the background stuck out to me. 
Iowa Hawkeyes for Cubs? 
Iowa Hawkeyes=55, 145
Chicago Illinois=46, 55, 145
Chicago Cubs=46, 55

A bunch of stuff I have talked about with the Cubs and the Omaha Indians stems back to the death of "Kyle Calloway"=145(Iowa and Buffalo Bills) and also Brandon Scherff( Iowa) and also plays for the Washington Redskins. 

Also the sign that says "I'm Abe Froman". 
Hawkeyes=34, 43, 52, 97
I'm Abe Froman=52, 97

Sausage King of Chicago=91, 181 (Ferris Bueller's Day off)
Chicago Cubs=46, 55, 91
Chicago, Illinois=82, 91
Hawkeyes for Cubs=64, 73, 82, 181

Abe Froman is from the film "Ferris Buellers Day Off". I might try and watch that movie tonight. It's been years since I've watched it, but I wonder if it has some clues? 

Notice the movie came out on the 162nd day of the year. 
Major League Baseball=162
Play 162 regular season games. 
Also the movie is 103 minutes. Cubs 103 Regular season wins. 
Today was 10/30.....103?
June 11th is also 11/6...Indians in 116th season. 

Matthew Broderick of course 54 years old right now. 

Broderick turned 54 years old 223 days ago even. 

Interesting if the series goes to 7 games it will be 226 days after his bday. 
Ferris Buellers Day Off=226

Another thing that is odd to me today the first time I looked at my clock today is was 1:12. Then tonight when I went upstairs to start watching the game it was exactly 1 hour 12 minutes into the game. 
112th World Series. 
Ha just realized too it says I have 71 recordings. 
Cubs haven't won a World Series game at Wrigley in 71 years. 

I've missed so much stuff the past few days, but the score of 3-2 or 2-3 reminds me a lot of some of the football games this weekend. 
I noticed Nebraska lost in OT 23-17.  # 23 of Wisconsin scored the 23rd point even. 
Then the Mich vs Mich St. game was 32-23. 

Also the score of 3-2 and it makes the series 3-2 as well. 
32nd prime is 131

I'm still noticing in every game they say Back to Back multiple times too. I mean it's not like I've never heard the phrase before but they say it so many times when they don't need to. If the Indians don't win the World Series, I will still be baffled as to why they keep saying it in every sport constantly. There is for sure a reason it keeps being said this year. 
Back to Back=24, 33, 42, 69
Back to Back=414(English)
Back to Back=182(Jewish)


  1. your lsu vs Nebraska in the title game prediction could still happen because the numbers look good for both lsu to beat bama and Nebraska to upset ohio state next week