Monday, October 10, 2016

Long Island Train Crash Teddy Roosevelt, Revolutionary War Baseball?

Not exactly sure if or what this train wreck connects to but I want to document it in case it comes back up in the future. 
Notice 33 people injured. 
Long Island=44, 107=Earthquake

I wonder if it has something to do in connection with the Death of Arnold Palmer as well. I talked about his Half and Half Tea and the new Ice T commercial. 
Death of Arnold Palmer
Long Island Iced T? 
Long Island Iced T=67, 148 
lol I'm not trying to connect everything to the Cleveland Indians but seriously Long Island Iced T was the first thing I thought of with this wreck, possibly means nothing at all but interesting. 
Cleveland Indians=67, 148
Cleveland=33  Like the amount of passengers. 

The CNN video is even 57 seconds..
World Series=57
But also "Scottish Rite"=57
33 the highest degree. 

The Zipcode prefix for Brooklyn is also 112. 
We are going into the 112th World Series. 

It says it was closest to New Hyde Park Station. 
New Hyde Park Station=228
All the 228 connecting to Cubs Indians I've showed. 
Andrew Cuomo=51, 132
Cleveland=51, 78

Interesting though in regards to baseball. Brooklyn is on Long Island although not specifically called that. 
Brooklyn is where the Dodgers are formerly from...
The first and biggest battle of the Revolutionary war was also the Battle of Long Island. 

Notice it was on the 240th day of 1776 and this year we are in the 240th year of the US. 
8/27/76 was 54 days after 7/4/1776. 
So possibly telling us the Dodgers will Derail or be Derailed? 

This Trainwreck happened on 10/8 too. The day the Dodgers vs Nationals game was postponed. 

The Dodgers last season in Brooklyn was even 1957. 
I really wouldn't find it unbelievable if the Cubs lost but I still think they will win but who knows. 
The Dodgers also had Jackie Robinson and the Indians had the 2nd Black Player so it would be fitting for this year in regards to the media.   Jackie Robinson even connected to Stamford, CT which has been a big place of importance this year.  Robinson also connected to Teddy Roosevelt which I said was connected to the Nationals. We will see I guess. 

In regards to Teddy Roosevelt as well though... He died in 1919 a big year in Chicago coding. He also was the president when the Cubs Won their only 2 World Series'. One thing I know for sure is there is a lot of stuff connecting to Roosevelt this year which in turn reminds us of assassinated presidents with McKinley. 

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