Sunday, October 23, 2016

Youtube Changing the Thumbnail Picture on my Jose Bautista Video to a Molester Priest I had as a kid.

Lol this makes me laugh. Youtube messing with me for sure. Notice my Jose Bautista video and the Thumbnail picture they have on it right now....That is not the picture I put on it whatsoever, I don't even have that picture anymore, but it is from one of my old videos. It was a song I wrote about a Molester Priest. 
The reason I quit the Catholic Church when I was in 8th grade is because I kept telling my mom our Priest was a child molester. When I was a little kid he used to do weird shit to me that he never did to other kids. 
For Example: One time he came up behind me and shoved his body into the back of my body and covered my eyes and said, "Guess Who" in a gay ass voice. When I got confirmed I had to go to his house for a private meeting with him. My best friend swears up and down he never had to do that lol. I remember I had to do it, but I honestly don't remember what happened there. We've had this inside joke that I was molested by him for years, which I've always wondered if I truly was and just blocked it out somehow. Who really knows, but I'm truly thankful to that weird ass priest as he is a big reason I woke up to the world.  Anyway long story short a few years back this priest "Father Howdy" was busted for child molestation as some kid from years prior came out and said he was molested by Father Howdy. Everyone thought it was me as we have joked about it for years. It was some other kid around my age although I'm still not sure who, but he lived in a town around my area. So this Fucker truly was a child molesting priest like we told our parents for years. Seriously when the story about him came out, I had tons of people messaging me and feeling sorry for me and it wasn't even me who got molested...or I don't think but makes me wonder. 

When I got to my video manager it's a picture of Terry Francona flipping people off. I swear Youtube is messing with me by putting that pic of Father Howdy on there and it seriously is actually funny as hell to me. 

Here's a link to the song. I think I wrote this song in pry 2004 or 2005 and uploaded it on youtube on 2/7/2015. Fathers like Sons song
Have to love the 33 Views on the video too lol. 

I'm guessing there is a reason they have done this. It's just so late I don't have the energy to look right now. Youtube seems to do weird stuff like this that I am supposed to see all the time and code it letting me know what's next. Honestly that is the how I discovered the Native American Theme and wondered about the Indians being in the World Series whether anyone thinks that's crazy or not lol that's where it started. 
I uploaded it on 2+7+20+15=44  Also the 38th day of the year. 
The article in which the picture I posted about him was from: 
Father Howard Fitzgerald=111, 228
Father Howard=64, 127
Father Howdy=61, 133
Priest=33, 87
Howard Fitzgerald=87, 177
Eighty Seven=58, 139
Freemasonry=58, 139

The main story about him came out on June 30th 2014. 
June 30th the 181st day. 
181 is the 42nd prime. 
Freemason=42 lol these people I swear. 

Who knows I'll look more at it tomorrow possibly, just makes me laugh as it's always been a big joke in my life. 

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