Monday, October 3, 2016

Major League Film Donald Phelps commenting on Zachary K Hubbards video.

Well I was gonna go to bed lol but I think it's impossible sometimes as there's always something sparking my brain. 
Anyway I was watching Zach's latest video on Donald Trump and this guy keeps leaving comments telling him he's wrong. The reason it's so interesting is because of his name.  
I literally just watched the movie "Major League" because of the Indians.

Anyway lady who owns the team and wants to move them to Miami was married to the previous owner who died. 
His name was Donald Phelps. 
I thought it may be connected to Donald Trump as well, but not for sure. Just what are the odds some guy I've never seen on Zach's comments leaving comments with that name? 
There's a lot of 48 shown in that movie as well. Of course that was the last time the Indians won the World Series. I was mainly watching to see if there was a clue to this year, but I didn't see one that I know. 

Notice this guy even says his name equals the same as Donald J Trump...Donald L Phelps....He's wearing a Chicago shirt in his picture too. 
Who knows but ever since I made that video last night about the Cubs vs Indians a lot of weird things have been happening. A bunch of my comments on youtube got deleted and even when I leave a new one it disappears. 

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