Monday, October 24, 2016

Espn list of College Football Rankings Missing the 7 by Nebraska

So I was looking up the rankings for College Football this week because I thought I had read Wisconsin is # 11 going into the Nebraska game. Nebraska is ranked # 7. 
A lot like the 117 I have mentioned with Nebraska.
Nebraska in it's 117th season being called the Cornhuskers and more. 
Anyway when I re looked up the rankings for some reason in the coaches poll it doesn't have a number next to Nebraska. It should say 7 but it's just missing. All of the other numbers for each team are there except for Nebraska in the Coaches Poll. 

Here's another picture of it so you can see all 25 teams. It's only Nebraska, that's pretty weird and I'm sure it is a clue but not sure what it means. Possibly I am missing something and they do this every week or there is an actual reason for this, but I don't recall seeing this happen any other week. 
Coaches Poll=46, 109
The all time Record between Nebraska and Wisconsin is 4-6. 


  1. that is weird - wisconsin should win to make it 47 ** and they are favored

    1. I wonder what is the connection to MSU's 5 straight losses? very weird and most ever in their history

  2. There's no number because Nebraska is tied with Baylor at 6th. They both have 1194 Votes/Points. I think I've only seen it once before, but had similar suspicions....