Saturday, October 15, 2016

Clemson vs NC State 33 yard FG end of regulation

So I'm finally sitting down and gonna watch the Nebraska game. My DVR recording starts with the end of the Clemson game. I haven't even checked to see who wins or anything but wanted to show a little clip of the end of regulation. 

I'll try and upload the video again later. For some reason it won't load it. It's says it's too Big but it's only 4MB so my internet must be messed up or this blogsite. 

NC State decides to throw a pass instead of keep running the ball at the end. The play is a loss of yards which sets up a 33 yard field goal lol. 
The announcer then says a 33 yard field goal to beat # 33.  Which doesn't make any sense. Clemson is ranked # 3 but not 33. 
It's so obvious that the pass play was rigged to set up this 33 yard FG. 
He missed the FG, but I don't know who won it overtime still watching it, just wanted to show this video. 

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