Friday, October 14, 2016

Gabrielle Union Sues BET 43 and possible Cubs connection

I'm really not sure of the point yet but documenting this story. Gabrielle Union has played a big part in the Civil War/Nebraska Cornhusker stuff I've mentioned. So interesting we get a pointless story like this about her. I'm sure it will make sense at a later date.
BET=9, 27
BET Network=43, 133
Remember Nebraska has 43 conference championships right now. Sam Foltz died 43 days before Nebraska's first game against "Fresno State"=43 and Nebraska won with 43 points.  
Mike Sadler=43 (died in wreck with Foltz). 

Being Mary Jane=61, 124

Funny how the whole article is about 13 episodes. 
Right now there are 30 episodes so 13 more would be 43. 
Union on Wiki says she is 42 or 43. Regardless if she's 42 right now, she will be 43 on 10/29/16. 

Notice the last episode to be aired was exactly 43 weeks before she filed this suit on 10/11/16. 
Gabrielle Monique Union=112, 238
Just makes me wonder if it's connected to the 112th World Series as well? 
Major League Baseball=162  
162 regular season games? 
She is from Omaha which connects to the College World Series and married to Dwayne Wade who is from Chicago and now plays for Chicago, plus Doug McDermott the ex Creighton Blue Jay plays for the Bulls.  Creighton plays where the CWS is played. 
Nebraska is playing the "Hoosiers"=108 this weekend as well..

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  1. I've noticed Gabrielle Union popping up. She's on the front of CNN today. My wife put on L.A.'s Finest last night. Came out in 2019 and features Gabrielle Union and Jessica Alba. It's an offshoot of Bad Boys. She was pointing out all the references they had to Bad Boys.