Monday, October 3, 2016

Nebraska player Kevin Maurice...55 Kevin Garnett Teen Wolf

I talked about this guy in my old videos just want to put it on my blog in regards to Garnett retiring and Teen Wolf. He's played 23 games for Nebraska so far. 

Kevin Garnett's full name is Kevin Maurice Garnett. 
Notice the Nebraska player above wears # 55 too. 
Target Center=55
Fifty Five=56=Kevin Garnett=Wolf

Kevin Garnett also retired 223 days after 2/13 the first day of Lupercalia. 
Flip Saunders born on 2/23  announced his cancer on 8/11 the 223rd day of the year.  T-wolves beat Lakers last year first game of the season with a total score of 223. 
Andrew Wiggins a former Teen Wolf also born on 2/23. 

Philip Daniel Saunders=216
Kevin Maurice Garnett=216
Nebraska=35, 53 71
Celtics=26, 35, 71
Brooklyn Nets=53

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