Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Streaker during Indians vs Blue Jays Game 5-Streaker in Cavs vs Warriors game 4 NBA Finals

The Indians advance to World Series today after Game 5. 
The first time in 19 years they have been in the WS. 
19th prime is 67, and they haven't won in 67 seasons they said on the TV today. 
Cleveland Indians=67

One thing I noticed in the game and I can't find an article on it yet, but there was a streaker just before the bottom on the 9th inning began. 
Streaker in Cleveland vs Warriors Game 4
It reminds me of the streaker in the Cavs Warriors game 4 of the NBA Finals. 
He streaked with 1:12 left in the 4th. 
The Warriors won that game with 108 points..Cavs had 97. 
The next game Cleveland won with 112 points. 
It was also the 162nd day of the year. 
Sixty Seven=162
Major League Baseball=162
Play 162 regular season games. 

That game was 131 days ago. 

The Cavs knocked out Toronto to advance to the Finals 145 days ago. 
Notice it was the 148th day of the year this year too. 
Cleveland Indians=148
Chicago, Illinois=145....It's the 145th MLB Season. 
All of the Israel 145 stuff from my previous post. 

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  1. Dan,

    Look at the players jerseys in the picture.

    I belive is
    #10 #8 or(#6) #54

    108 or (106)
    54 or 45= Cubs