Friday, October 21, 2016

Cop Saves 3 year old from Seizure and some personal info I remember as a kid

Seriously I don't mean to always talk about sports but it seems the numbers in most mainstream articles always sync up to what is going on in sports. After doing this for so long, I honestly don't enjoy sports at all anymore, but I follow them because I know if you can prove they are scripted, then it will be easier to prove everything else is. 
We just got this story on CNN about a young boy who had a seizure and was saved by a police officer. 
Notice the Video is 1:08 and we get this story the same day the Cubs win who are surrounded by the # 108. 

Billy Goat=103
Cubs finished regular season with 103 wins. 

Chase Miller=51, 105

What's funny is the only reason I clicked on this story is because my girlfriends brother who is 17...or maybe 16..he's a junior in High school...anyway he just had a seizure about a month or so ago. He's never had seizures before and a retired cop who I know was the first on the scene and he was really helpful according to my girlfriend. Cops always seem to get a bad wrap and I completely understand as I have had 99 percent bad experiences with them. This guy is the nicest most heartfelt guy I've ever met though and honestly what a cop should be in my opinion. He's never made CNN though lol. 
I've always known something didn't make sense with mainstream media for a big reason. When I was in elementary there was a Bomb Threat at my school and we had to evacuate the building. There were cops and fire department people all over the place. In the end it was literally some high school kid who was mad and called the bomb threat in from the hallway phone outside the principals office. Since I was a little kid I always wondered why that story never made the news. I've searched everywhere to find a media article that reported on it with no luck. A bomb threat no matter where, you would think would be mainstream media especially in the early 90's when that type of stuff seemed a lot more unheard of. 
Yet you will find no such story anywhere if you search it. 

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  1. There was a bomb threat at my high school during gym class and my teacher made us search for it, lol. I even unscrewed a frickin vent in the locker room. Apparently we made a Leno monologue joke but I missed it. The incident is memorialized in a book called Hey Idiot - Chronicles of Human Stupidity.