Tuesday, October 25, 2016

CNN article about Cubs Vs Indians Curses 217

This article is on CNN right now about the World Series. Anyway notice the 2:17 video. The other night in one of my videos I showed just before the Cubs beat the Dodgers Espn.com kept putting up videos that were 2:17 in length. 
The 217 is special to Michael Jordan who was born on 2/17 as well. 
The 48th day..Indians last WS win in 1948...
Curse of the Billy Goat=223   223 the 48th prime.  
Two Hundred Seventeen=88, 241
Curse of the Billy Goat=88, 223
We are in the 241st year of the United States. 

The 217th day of the year is 8/5 leaving 148 days in the year. 
Cleveland Indians=148
This year however was a leap year so Obama's 55th bday was the 217th day of the year. 8/4 or 4/8. 

The Cubs didn't play on 8/4 but the Indians played their 106th game. (Prophecy)
Indians got 61st win. 
Forty Eight=61

The Cubs did play on 8/5 though and it was their 108th game. 
Cubs got their 67th win. (Cleveland Indians"=67)  

I also noticed the Indians are 7-1 going into the WS. 
Cubs haven't won in 71 years. 
Seventy One=45( 1945 71 years ago)


  1. Maybe the Cubs might sweep the Indians. Sweep in simple gematria=68 and in english gematria =408 which can be 48 last time they won, and jewish gematria= 1060 the address number of wrigley field. Game 4 numerology 10+29+16= 55 Fifty five=108

  2. Or maybe Cubs win World Series in 2017.

  3. National league have won 47 world series. Cubs get 48.

  4. who wins the WS thats all i want to know.