Saturday, October 22, 2016

Cubs win 5-0 Advance to World Series America coding

The Cubs win tonight 5-0.  Lol this is great stuff. 
The won their first game against the Dodgers 8-4. 
Then won their 2nd game 10-2.
Then won their 3rd game 8-4. 
United States of America=84, 102

Something I've never noticed before in regards to the Cubs Tie with the Pittsburgh Pirates and all of the connections to the Indians and Cubs with 228. 
Pittsburgh Pirates=228
United States of America=228

It really is connected to the election on 11/8. 

Death=118 and 228

If the Indians win the WS Trump will be president I think and if the Cubs win Hillary will be. 
Fitting as most people believe both are going to bring Death to America. 

I'm still waiting to see if they explain the Curses a bit better before the WS begins. As of right now I think the Indians stuff is showing us the Cubs, but I'm curious to see what the actual curses are according to the TV analysts. 

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