Sunday, October 16, 2016

Adrian Gonzalez HR Dodgers win Game 2 against Cubs

The Cubs lose game 2 to the Dodgers. 1-0

Adrian Gonzalez hit his 2nd post season HR in the 2nd inning for the only score of the game. It got # 22 Kershaw a win as well. 

He was born on 5/8 and today is 5 months 8 days after his bday. It's also 23 weeks exactly and he wears # 23. 
The date can be written 16/10 as well.   161 days? 
Today having a date numerology of 42 seems fitting for him to get the score. 

Even just a little over 42,000 people in attendance. 
Adrian Gonzalez=72
Wrigley Field=72
Seventy Two=42

It was also Gonzalez's 163rd game this season. 
Twenty Three=163

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