Sunday, October 9, 2016

Indians vs Red Sox Game Three postponed

So now the Indians vs Red Sox game is postponed. Seriously who thinks of these times to make up the games. Well I guess we know the answer to that...but I can't believe most people don't find it odd. This one will be played at 6:08pm. 
It's been 68 years since the Indians last won the World series in 1948. 

Possibly there will be more rainouts in this post season too, but in my video I said I think Boston will probably win today because the date 10/9 and 109 seems to be a positive number around them. They even won the 109th WS. 
Anyway notice the guy(Clay Buchholz) supposed to pitch today, if he would've won his record would've been 9-10 on the date 9/10 or 10/9.  Now the game is on 10/10(Revelation).  
He's also # 11 and if he loses it will be his 11th loss but also if he wins it will be his 82nd career win on 10/10 that leaves 82 days in the year. 
Clay Daniel Buchholz=82
Game Three=82
What really stands out to me is the fact that Buchholz was born on 14/8 and now he's playing the Indians 57 days after his bday. 
Cleveland Indians=148
World Series=57
Clay Buchholz=55
October Tenth=55...

The Indians pitcher Josh Tomlin is # 43 which is usually around making the championship. He can either be 14-9 or 13-10. 

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