Sunday, October 9, 2016

Donald Trump 2005 Tape of Lewd Comments..More foreshadowing to 2005

On October 7th we got a story about Trump making vulgar comments against women back in 2005 caught on tape. 

How interesting it's from 2005.. 
I've been mentioning how 2005 seems to be connected to multiple events this year. 
The Minnesota Mall stabbing to the movie Charlie St. Cloud in which Samuel St. Cloud dies in 2005. 

2005 was the year the White Sox won for the first time in 88 years. 
Curse of the Billy Goat=88
White Sox connected to Michael Jordan which in turn connects to the Cleveland Indians. 
Jordan's first game for the Barons was on 4/8. 
Jordan born on the 48th day of the year. 
Donald Trump=48
Indians haven't won since 1948. 
Two Thousand Five=67
Cleveland Indians=67

Also the Cubs tie this year against the Pirates and the last "Tie" was in 2005. 

This Trump video came out on 10/7 the day the Cubs opened up their Post season play. 

The Dodgers also have 88 connections, they last won in 1988 even. 

Would they really have a World Series synced to the Election? 
Los Angeles Dodgers=73
Hillary Clinton=73
Although Hillary born in Chicago..

I still think it's going to be Indians vs Cubs.  I see the Indians game was postponed now too. I think in regards to the 108 it's showing us the Cubs will beat a postponed team in the World Series. If it's not I wouldn't be surprised it seems the postponements in the playoffs mean making the World Series except for the few exceptions which I haven't figured out yet. 

One thing I've never pointed out:
The 48th prime is 223. 
Curse of the Billy Goat=223
Remember the Curse of Rocky Colavito came when ex MVP of the Indians during the 1948 WS was the coach of the Cubs. They are both cursed in connection to Detroit. 
Also the Dodgers won 4-3 in game 1. 
43 is a number I usually see with a team making the Championship and losing but also.. "Goat"=43

An interesting thing to note in regards to the Yankees vs Angels game being postponed in 2005 playoffs is that it was on 10/8 and the last time that season the Yankees played the White Sox who won the World Series was on 8/10 or 10/8. 

August 10th is interesting as Lou Boudreau died on Rocky Colavito's 68th bday. The Indians haven't won in 68 years. The Make up game for the Indians vs Red Sox is supposed to start at 6:08pm too. 

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