Sunday, October 16, 2016

Colts vs Texans game goes OT 23-23. #23 Adrian Gonzalez has only score in Baseball game

How great the only baseball game tonight is won because # 23 Hits a Homerun. Now the Sunday Night Football game goes to Overtime with a score of 23-23. 
Interesting the Colts are 2-3 going into this game. 

Interesting today is 23 days after 9/23 as well. 
The score of the Football game was 9 to 23 for a while in which is seemed as if that might be the final score at one point. 

They keep zooming in on # 23 Frank Gore and mentioning how he has over 100 yards too. 

Ha right now he even has 22 carries, I wonder if he finishes with 23. We will see. 

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  1. 923 or 9to3 or 18to21 or 666to777 or CERNtoGOD. I keep getting spammed out on your youtube comments, so I had this message to get to you.