Monday, October 17, 2016

Mike Pence Indiana(Indians) running for 48th Vice Presidential spot..Nebraska vs Indiana-Prince(singer)

In regards to the Nebraska vs Indiana game that I said was connected to the Native American/World Series theme I remembered that Mike Pence is the governor of Indiana. 

Indiana literally means land of the the Indians. 

Indiana became a state of 12+11+18+16=57
It's starting to make a little more sense as to why Jordan's first game back in the NBA was against the Indiana Pacers too. 

Anyway notice Pence was is 57 years old and he was born the same day as Prince(singer) on 6/7. 
Cleveland Indians=67
World Series=57
Prince died age 57  on the night of a Full Moon. 

If you go from Pence's bday to what could potentially be game 7 of the 112th World Series it's a span of 148 days. 
Cleveland Indians=112
November=94=Cleveland Indians

That also puts the Republican National Convention being in Cleveland into a better perspective. It was connected to the Native American theme. 
Not sure If I blogged it, but I Remember I mentioned the Neil Young and the  song Ohio..... 4 dead in Ohio. Neil Young also in the band Crazyhorse and Young just wrote a new song about the Dakota Access Pipeline stuff too. 
Neil Percival Young=91=Chicago Cubs=Chicago Illinois
He's also from Toronto...interesting. 

Michael Richard Pence=155
Kevin Costner=155
Oakland Athletics=155
I'm still wondering if there will be an Earthquake in this upcoming WS. Ohio is an area that has had many small earthquakes in recent years.  
Yellowsmoke the last keeper of the Sacred Pole of the Omaha's that was returned to them on July 12th 1989. 
Omaha Indians=108

With all the 48 connections, it's interesting Pence is running to be the 48th Vice President. 

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  1. Dan,
    You think the cornhuskers are winning the championship?