Thursday, October 6, 2016

Tyler Naquin first 1948 Stat during Indians vs Red Sox game...Larry Doby-Satchel Paige

So while watching the Indians vs Red Sox game they put this stat up about Tyler Naquin of the Indians. I'm assuming they mean Rookie Outfielder since 1948? Possibly the announcers said why but I don't remember it. I'll have to go back and look when the games over. 

Anyway of course 1948 is when the Indians last won the WS. 
Tyler Naquin=57, 156
World Series=57

He's even from the greater Houston Area. 
112th WS this year. 
He was the 15th pick in 2012 but didn't make his MLB debut until this season on the made up opening game against Boston. 

He also had an inside the park HR on 8/19 beating the Blue Jays.
The first Indians player to hit a walk off inside the park HR since 1916....Interesting at the Red Sox won the 1916 WS. 
That game was also 67 days before the WS. 
Cleveland Indians=67

Larry Doby=48
Born on 12+13+23=48
Helps the Indians win in 1948. 
He was also the 2nd black player in baseball after Jackie Robinson, which is super fitting for this year. 
He's the black player to hit a HR in the World Series and also the first black player to win a WS along with Satchel Paige who was also on the 1948 Indians. 

How ridiculous this guy was the first pitcher from the Negro Leagues to pitch in a World Series. He was supposedly age 42 when he started playing in the MLB and with the Indians. We know what 42 represents in regards to black people. He even supposedly played baseball until he was 59 years old. Yet again that number on black people. 
Leroy Paige=59

He even signs with the Indians on his 42nd bday. The bday of 7/7... I mean seriously..

Satchel=68  He dies on 6/8. 

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