Monday, October 17, 2016

Jia Jia the Worlds olest Panda dies age 38 possible baseball connections.

The World's oldest Panda named Jia Jia is euthanized on 10/16/16.
Isn't it a little funny a Bear dies the same day the Chicago Cubs lose? Not a Bear Cub but still interesting. They do show pictures of Baby Panda Cubs later in the article though. 
Hong Kong=46, 91
Chicago Cubs=46, 91
World's Oldest Panda=67, 202
Cleveland Indians=67, 148

Looks like they even kill Panda's with the number 38. 
Jia Jia dies age 38. 

If this Panda is connected to the Cubs it makes sense why they tell us she was 114 years old in Human Years.
Grandma Panda=49, 94
Cleveland Indians=94 


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