Saturday, October 1, 2016

Michigan beats Wisconsin 46, 64, 44 Kenny Allen Kicking

So Michigan beats Wisconsin. This game is exactly why I'm saying it really doesn't matter to me who wins. What matters to me is showing the script. I made a video on this game earlier and I said I'm pretty Michigan will win but if I was wrong it wouldn't have even mattered. The same stuff I talked about in my posts and my video happened in the game. 

In my video I mentioned how the Michigan Punter/Kicker was going into the game after 1 punt last week of 44 yard. I also mentioned how he's #91 and today leaves 91 days in the year. 91 seems to be a bad number most times. An elimation number usually and of course he gets replaced as FG kicker. I also said that there is emphasis on FG's and Punts since the death of Foltz/Sadler. Anyway this guy ends up missing 2 FG's before being replaced by # 41.   
Notice the first one he missed was a 31 yd FG and the play just before this was stopped by # 31 of Wisconsin. The guy on Espn said 31 is the key number of the game. Michigan and Wisconsin were both undefeated when possessing the ball for 31 minutes or more under their coaches. Also the whole game was about defense. 

If you watched this game they talked about Kenny Allen a whole lot. They even reminded of his rigged dropped punt last year against Mich St. Anyway just before half with 2:22 left there was 2 penalties before Allen could punt the ball. Notice 1 time it was even on # 44. 

Kenny Allen also went into the game 4 of 6 on FG's. The reason I thought Michigan was winning was because of the 46 foreshadowing from yesterday. 

The game changing play was a 46 yard TD by Michigan, notice their drive of 64 yards as well. 
The pass caught by "Amara Darboh"=46, 82   He wears # 82. 
Michigan=46, 64

Kenny Allen then gets replaced at FG's by Ryan Tice. 
Ryan Tice=41  notice he wears # 41.  He also missed a FG. 
Kenny Allen=41

At the very end of the game Michigan intercepts the ball on the 46 yard line. 

Then the final play of the game was with :44 left on the 44 yard line. Harbaugh got his 44th college coaching win. 
Paul Chryst=44
Wisconsin's best defensive player out after 46 career games with 44 of them having a sack. 

Wisconsin had 1 interception for 46 yards. 

I also notice at Halftime Wisconsin had  64 pass yards. 
They also had 98 total yards. 
Michigan Wolverines=98
Jim Harbaugh=98
Tom Brady=98  became starter in 98'. 

Michigan had 172 total yards at halftime. 
Twenty Seven=46, 172
I talked about 27 in my previous post as JJ Watt is 27 years old, goes out against the Patriots who won 27-0. 

There was also a point in the game where the announcers asked the viewers when the last time Wisconsin has beat 2 top 10 teams. They tell us it was 1962  and if they would've beat USC in the Rose bowl it would've 3.   
They had already beat 2 top 10 teams this year so they were totally telling you they were losing against Michigan. 


  1. Hey Dan speaking of bad luck.. DAN SKUTA = 91 LB FOR JAGUARS SEEMS TO BE GOING TO JAIL FOR domestic VIOLENCE.. GUESS 91 is bad

  2. NASCAR was running for the 46th time at Dover yesterday. Forty-Six = 136/46. The #4 Jimmy Johns (136/46) car finished 4th from the bottom, 46 laps behind.