Sunday, October 2, 2016

Kanye stops show as Kim Kardashian Robbed at Paris Hotel Donald Trump

Of Course Kim Kardashian was robbed in Paris. 
Kim Kardashian=56
Paris France=56
Paris Hotel=51, 123
Kanye West=51, 123

Notice it was also 80 days after Nice, France Attack. 
Nice France=51

Family Emergency=80

Kimye=27, 63
Saint=27, 63
Paris=27, 63

Paris Fashion=63

Paris Hotel makes me think of Paris Hilton. I talked about her connection to the Paris Attacks with Kanye West and also the lady who supposedly drove on the sidewalk in Las Vegas the night of the Miss Universe....Also the Nice, France Attack. 
Interesting Paris Hilton born on 2/17 the 48th day, also a day I've talked a lot about in regards to Michael Jordan and the NBA. 
It says her career started with Donald Trump's company....Miss America...Donald Trump...
Donald Trump=48
Paris Hilton=60, 69, 141
World War III=69, 141
Kim Kardashian West=69

Remember "Kanye West"=1551 (Jewish)
Donald Trump is 15 years 51 days older than Obama. 
Queen Victoria died 51 years 15 days before Queen Eliz II became Queen. 
Pope Francis turned 15 years old in 1951. 
President=47, 56, 110
Paris France=56, 110
Osama Bin Laden=47, 56, 110
WTC's were 110 stories tall. 
Today being 10/2 also reminds me that the 9/11 attacks were supposedly 102 minutes. 
Kim Kardashian=293(Jewish)=Osama Bin Laden(Jewish)

This story comes 110 days after Donald Trumps bday. 
Also remember Kanye said at the VMA's in 2015 that he was running for president in 2020. 
October Second=138
Donald Trump=138
Also 3 months 18 days is interesting. 
Remember Prince Charles born on 318th day of the year. 
Princess Diana dies on 31/8. 
King Charles III=80, 134


They are now saying 10 million dollars worth of Jewelry stolen. 
Ten Million=51, 123

They also let us know her ring and a box with 5.6 million dollars of jewelry in it were stolen. 

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