Thursday, October 20, 2016

Death of Phil Chess-Chicago Cubs- Rock and Roll and Chess(Game)

Today we get the death of Chess Records Co-Founder Phil Chess. 
Phil Chess=45, 99
Cursed from 1945 WS. 
The Reason I bring the Cubs up is because Chess Records is out of Chicago. 
Chess=18, 54=Baseball
I also wonder if it's connected to the Indians as they mention his son Terry which reminds me of Terry Francona who won the CWS in 1980 for Arizona who plays in Tuscon, Arizona where Phil Chess died. Arizona of course lost this year in the CWS too.  Arizona's motto is "Bear Down"? 

You have to love Masonic Wikipedia and how they write in the "Cub Koda" said Chess Records was "America's greatest blues Label". 
CUB Koda=57=World Series
Phil Chess dies age 95. 
Ninety Five=57

He was even born in 1948. 
Michael Cub Koda=54, 108
He dies on 7/1....Cubs haven't won in 71 years. 
Born on 10/1 the day that leaves 91 days in the year. 
Chicago Cubs=91=Chicago, Illinois
Michael Koda=46, 82
Chicago Illinois=82

Chess Records also associated with Rocket 88 which was the 1st ever Rock and Roll Record. 
Curse of the Billy Goat=88
The game Chess is played on a 8X8 board. 

Notice Rocket 88 the supposed first Rock and Roll Album ever came out in 1951. 
Sung by Jackie Brenston who died age 51 (According to his gravestone). 
Rock and Roll=51

Chess the game has been controlled by FIDE since 1948
It was dominated by Soviets until American Bobby Fischer won in 1972-75. 

Bobby Fischer of course born in Chicago. 

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