Monday, October 24, 2016

Bill Murray recieve Mark Twain Award 1906 San Francisco Earthquake. 1906 WS Cubs vs White Sox

We get a story today yet again about Bill Murray. He won the Mark Twain prize for comedy. 

He's the 19th person to receive the award. 
Remember Murray is all about the number 67. 
19th prime is 67. 

Mark Twain is interesting for a couple of reasons. Remember a long time ago I made a video about him in regards to San Francisco and the number 88. 
One of his daughters wrote a biography about him that wasn't released until 1988, another one of his daughters died age 88. A bunch of stuff like that around him as well. 
There was a new documentary about him even called "88 days in the mother lode" which was about the 88 days that Twain spent at Angels Camp and got the inspiration for his Jumping Frog story the story that made him famous. 

Anyway  Mark Twain also died on that special date of 4/21. It was the 111th day the year he died but remember It's something that is special to the Valentines theme. 
Mark Twain also predicted his own death as he was born just before Halley's comet and said he would die the next time it came in which he died the day after. 

Notice Twain also died 223 days before his bday. 
Curse of the Billy Goat=223

Haha and you know what else...I just noticed that Halley's Comet is a Mandela Effect thing for me. I never remember it having 2 L's ever. It was always Haley's Comet from what I remember. I went back and watched an old Mark Twain video I did from January 2015 and it says Halley then, but funny I just do not remember it that way at all.  

In my previous stuff I remember talking about Ina Coolbrith in regards to Mark Twain. They were at least friends possibly romanced but she lost everything in 1906 San Fran Earthquake. She was the 2nd Woman to be part of Bohemian Grove as well. 

Anyway I noticed that earthquake happened on the 108th day of the year in 1906 which is interesting as I've mentioned the connection to the 1989 World Series Earthquake.  19+89=108
Not necessarily a strong connection but interesting to me as it's connected to 108. It was also 110 years ago. 110 seems to be a number connected to bad things and has a relationship with 56. 
Osama Bin Laden=47, 56, 110
WTC's 110 stories tall. The Pentagon has Hwy 110 next to it. 
Adolf Hitler=56, 110
Born on 110th day of the year. 
One Hundred Ten=66, 147
World Series=57, 66, 147
Mark Twain=38, 47, 110

I will have to go back and look at my notes but there was something special to this with Gertrude Atherton as well. She wrote the book "What Dreams May Come" which was turned into the Robin Williams film. The film where they say he was layed out on the cardiac ward age 63 and then Robin Williams actually dies age 63. 
Robin Williams died on the 223rd day of the year and he also played Teddy Roosevelt in the "Night at the Museum" movies. 

What's even more interesting is that the 1906 World Series was the first World series between 2 teams from the same City. It was the Cubs vs the White Sox. I mean just think about that in regards to the 1989 World Series with an Earthquake. The Same City/Area World Series. Interesting too the only other same city series outside of Chicago was in 1944 in St. Louis.  

1944 also the year we got the last Worst recorded East Coast Earthquake it was a 5.8. It's actually tied with the Mineral, Virginia Earthquake on 2012 that was a 5.8 as well. 
Anyway the 1944 Earthquake was exactly 58 years 5 days after the the Worst Ever Recorded East Coast Earthquake the 1886 Charleston Earthquake. 
The Study of Earthquakes goes back to Thales in 585BCE
Richter Scale=58
Charles Richter dies age 85 in 1985. 
The Big One=85
Back to the Future is all about 58 and 85 as well. 
Bif Tannen=85  wins all his money on the 85th day of 1958. Bif is Trump. A lot more. 
Charles Francis Richter=109, 217(Interesting I've been talking about 217 and still not sure the exact significance)
I still think all of this stuff is somehow connected to the 58 story Comcast Center in Philadelphia. 
The Indians vs the Cubs record is 9-9.  "Wild Thing" wore # 99. 
In Happy Gilmore he learns to Putt on the Earthquake course and the building that falls looks just like the Comcast center. It's even 107 minutes into the movie. 
Earthquake=44, 107
Happy Gilmore=145=Chicago Illinois
The ol' 9th Green at 9 O'clock(Shooter's McGavin's Trick)
Chubbs....Apollo Creed in Rocky died exactly 99 years after the Worst ever East Coast Earthquake. 
Adam Sandler born on 9/9. 
Ninety Nine=57=World Series
The first ever president to die in Office was the 9th president, the next president to die in office will be the 9th one to die. 
Obama is 9 presidents after JFK the last to die in office. 
Joseph Biden=107=Earthquake
Joseph Robinette Biden Jr=108

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