Monday, October 17, 2016

Trevor Bauer to pitch 10/17 128, 117

Trevor Bauer is starting 10/17 even though he injured his pinkie on his drone supposedly. His bday of 1/17 makes me think he will be alright. 117 has seemed to be a good number when I see it in sports. 
Rogers Centre=66, 75, 147
10/17 leaves 75 days in the year. 

Trevor Bauer=55, 145

Indians=34, 43
Toronto located on 43N. 

Espn gives us a 1:28 video. 
Notice his birth numerology 

He's also going into this game with a 12-8 record. 

Right Pinkie Finger=113
Routine Drone Maintenance=113

If Bauer loses tomorrow he will get his 33rd loss. 

Marcus Stroman could lose and become 9-11 as well this year. 
Marcus Earl Stroman=67, 211
Born on 5/1.  


  1. Unless were following the exact same Toronto-Cleveland NBA Conf Final script: 2-0 Cleveland, Toronto wins next two at home, 2-2, Cleveland wins Game 5 & 6, 4-2.

    1. Yep I thought that was possible too lol. I wonder if the Indians win 10 in a row and lose 2 in a row like the Cavs now that would be something. It would also let them win the World Series being 11-2 in playoffs winning the 112th WS.

    2. Up 3-0 now, if they sweep Toronto now, Game 4 win will be Cleveland's 10th in a row.

      World Series Game 1 is 10/25. 44 date numerology. Possible they sweep Toronto, then lose Game 1 of World Series.

  2. 10/25, will leave 67 days in the years.

    "Cleveland Indians" in the English Reduction system equals 67