Saturday, October 15, 2016

My Friend/Bandmate and his Adoptive Jewish Mother in Law 33

I texted my bandmate/friend tonight and for some reason I remembered something he said about a month ago. It was the first time we ever partied together as a band. 
Let me explain a bit... My friend Pat and I have been in multiple bands together. My first band ever was with his older brother back in the early 2000's and Pat and I have just stayed together in music over the years. Anyway we have a new drummer in which neither of us have previously known. So after a few months we had a practice where we just hung out and got fucked up.  
Apparently Pat's mother in law was adopted by a rich Jewish family when she was a kid. Her adoptive father was the man who invented? or expanded on? the chemical compound of Salt you put on the ground when it snows to help it melt faster.   Anyway he later told us that his mother in law was super broke because she spent all of her money gambling at the casino. He said that when her father died, she inherited the family business in which she later sold for 33 million dollars.  Now how weird is that? One of my best friends married a girl whose mother was adopted by a Jewish family, then sold their business for 33 million dollars? Apparently she wasted all 33 million dollars on gambling and other material things.. They really are truly just as poor as me too.(To put it in perspective..My house was $14,000 but we paid around 11,000 dollars for it.).  Neither him or his wife have ever saw any money and I know neither one of them know anything about gematria etc. Not that they aren't halfway awake to what's going on, but I have explained multiple things that neither one of them can actually fully believe/understand. It sucks because Pat has always been one of the smartest people I know, yet he is just not awake to a lot of what is going on.  He wants to understand and I know he doesn't think I'm crazy, but he just for some reason cannot register what I am saying in his brain. Anyway I just wanted to share the story because I remembered it and I find it very interesting in regards to his mother in law, who was adopted into a rich jew family, and sold the company for 33 million. I mean it's super fitting, and I wonder who she sold the company to? Did she know why she was selling it for that much? Or did she just sell it to other Jews who hated her for not being truly Jewish? Or why 33 million? I mean seriously... Just blows my mind. 

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  1. The organic aspect of the numbers is more mind blowing than the manipulation of it. Or is there a difference haha who knows