Thursday, October 27, 2016

Guy says Cubs will win in 2016 in his 1993 Yearbook.

Some guy supposedly predicted the Cubs to win the WS in 2016 in his 1993 yearbook.  Of Course that is 23 years ago and the year Michael Jordan announced his retirement from Basketball too. 
He supposedly had a dream as a kid that the Cubs would win this year. 

The guy's name was Michael Lee. 
Michael Lee=46, 73
Chicago Cubs=46  

His friend in the story telling us about it:
Marcos Meza=42, 114
If Cubs win the WS they will have 114 wins this season. 
Lebron James=42, 114


  1. This is the second 'numerology' article the main steam has released on the Cubs winning. Purposeful and mocking I believe as they're doing this to set up a Cleveland win.

    I'm standing by Cleveland in 7, Francona gets his 39th playoff win in his 61st playoff game. 39 = 61

    1. And Corey Kluber game 7 would get his 59th win, with 59 days remaining in the year.