Sunday, October 16, 2016

Texans beat Colts with Field Goal from the 23 yard line. 23, 181

The Texans beat the Colts in Overtime by a Field Goal that was kicked from the 23 yard line.(Technically a 33 yarder)With a score of 23-23. (See my previous post).  
Nick Novak was 2/3 on XP's as well. 
Twenty Three=55
Nick Novak=55(V exception)
The Texans also returned 2 punts for 23 yards. 

The score even became 23-23 with 49 seconds left. Then the Texans win with a total score of 49.  23+26=49

The 23rd prime number is 83. 

In the previous post I mentioned # 23 Frank Gore as well. 
Franklin Delano Gore=181
Houston, Texas=181
Los Angeles Dodgers=181(Won tonight because # 23 hit a HR)

The Texans also became 4-2. 
42nd prime number is 181. 

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  1. do you think the NY Giants will win tommorow? Do you have any NFL Picks?

    PS -- Love your work.