Friday, September 30, 2016

The Man Who Sold The World weird thing in my life today.

Just documenting a weird thing in my life today. I'm taking my daughter to the Homecoming Football game tonight so possibly look to see how it connects to today. 

Anway I had band practice this morning and I picked up my friend(band mate) on the way. As we were driving to the drummers house he told me how he wanted to add the song "The Man Who Sold The World"...the Nirvana version though. 
He's in another band as well and said they play it and it was an easy filler blah blah blah. 
So we went to practice and about a half hour in our drummer says, I think it would be cool to add "The Man Who Sold The World" to our set list. Neither one of us had said anything about it to him and we were like that's pretty weird.   Then on my way home from Omaha I turned on the radio and of course "The Man Who Sold The World" was playing. 
The Man Who Sold The World=100, 109, 262
Nirvana=34, 52, 79
David Bowie=49, 67, 94

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  1. Dan, I'm a little freaked out by this. Not sure if you saw my comment on your YouTube video (On the Fly Editz - my channel name), but shortly after I saw your video, I happened to come upon a video titled "STRANGE! Glowing Portal Over Texas Shuts Down Vehicles?! 10/3/16" by SecureTeam10. The video displays from 0:13 to 1:20 and guess what is playing in the background! THE MAN WHO SOLD THE WORLD by David Bowie. WTF! You have to get back to me about this. There's something to be said about me finding this video.