Friday, October 14, 2016

Daniel Stern revives Cubs Rookie of the Year Character

I saw this video on Facebook a few days ago. It's Daniel Stern re enacting his character on the movie "Rookie of the Year". 
In this movie at the end it's hinted that the Cubs went on to win the World Series at the end. 

Notice the movie came out in 1993 which is interesting in regards to Michael Jordan. That was the year he retired from Basketball before playing baseball in 1994. 
Notice the film is 103 minutes long. 
Cubs finished regular season with 103 wins. 
Billy Goat=103

The film came out 108 days before the World Series begins this year on 10/25. 

The movie starts off with the main character wearing his little league uniform the Pirates. Remember a big thing I've mentioned is the TIE that happened between the Cubs and the Pirates this year. 
He also wears # 17. 
This kid is also in the movie "A Kid in King Arthurs Court" that starts off and ends with baseball. He plays for the Knights. 
Knights=88=Curse of the Billy Goat

# 17 on the Pittsburgh Pirates is Matt Joyce. 
Matt Joyce=112

Possibly nothing but the game he throws the ball back from the stands is against the Expos. The Expos were the team with the best record when the Strike happened in 1994. 

Daniel Stern also born in the year 57'. 
World Series=57
He plays the character "Phil Brickma"=57
He also always reminds me of the Home Alone movies. 
Home Alone is set in Chicago as well. 
Home Alone=88=Curse of the Billy Goat

Rookie of the Year also based off of a 1954 movie called Roogies Bump. 
The Indians also lost in the WS in 1954. 

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