Monday, October 17, 2016

Dodgers Coach played under Terry Francona, Michael Jordan Scottsdale Scorpions..Coltrane

With the Dodgers winning tonight and all the 23 stuff I went back and looked at Michael Jordan yet again. Since Terry Francona was the Coach of Jordan I realized I never looked into the Dodgers coach.
The Dodgers coach just so happened to play with the Red Sox when they Broke the curse. So he was coached by Terry Francona even. 
He's 44 years old though which makes me think the Dodgers aren't winning this year.  
Notice he made his MLB debut with the Indians. 
Dave Roberts=48, 129
Indians haven't won since 48' and more...
David Ray Roberts=73, 181
Los Angeles Dodgers=73, 181(He's the coach and former player). 

Anyway MJ also played for the Scottsdale Scorpions which I didn't look up before. He played for the Birmingham Barons as well with Terry Francona coaching. 

I was looking at the notable alumni to this club and a few stood out. 

Josh Bard is one of them. He is currently the Dodgers Bullpen Coach but of course also made his MLB debut with the Indians. 

Also Russell Martin who is the current catcher for the Blue Jays. 
Russell Martin=55, 64, 73, 181(Wears # 55)
Los Angeles Dodgers=73, 181
He debuted with the Dodgers. 
Look at his ridiculous real name too. 
Russell Nathan Coltrane Jeanson Martin Jr=145, 433
Chicago, Illionis=145...Cubs 145th season. 
Chicago Cubs=55

The Coltrane in his name is in honor of this guy who died in 67'. 
Cleveland Indians=67
He died on Lou Boudreau's 50th bday. 
Born on 9/23. 
I'll have to look more into this guy eventually. Think about all of the 9/23 symbolism and how it's been connected to the Train Wrecks. 
Lebron James=923 
Lebron in the film Trainwreck which starts when Amy Schumer's character is 9 years old and rest of movie takes place 23 years later. 

Russell Martin also lived in Paris,France when his mother remarried when he was a kid.  Paris has been big all year. I just wonder if we will see something special with this guy in the next few games. 

Possibly nothing but worth noting as I didn't look into the Scottsdale Scorpions previously. 

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  1. Do you still got the Cubs and Indians in the World Series? The Dodgers have interesting gematria