Friday, October 7, 2016

Indians owner Larry Dolan 48 MVP and Coach of 1948 Indians Donald Trump-Royal Family

The Indians owner is Larry Dolan. 
Larry Dolan=48
One thing is for sure, the number 48 is special to the Indians whether they make or win the WS this year or not. 

I noticed too that Terry Francona last won a WS when he was 48 years old. 
His coaching years are interesting too.   4 years with Philly then 8 years with Boston now 4 years with Cleveland. 
Remember there was 48 around the Cavs too. 
Remember even the Power went out during the Spurs vs Grizzly game with 1:58 in the 2nd. 
One Hundred Fifty Eight=223
48th prime is 223. 
The only thing lit was "Sirius XM Radio, Sirius XM Radio"=158
The score was 25-23=48...
There was a green screen in the Rockets vs Warriors game when the total score was 158 points too. 

So would be very interesting if the Indians actually do win. 
The Cavs won, Stipe Miocic is the UFC Champ.  
The Indians were even called the Broncos in 1902? 

If the Indians do win, my guess would be Donald Trump is becoming the president. 
Donald Trump=48
Fitting for the Republican National Convention too that was held in Cleveland. 
Plus it would be 68 years since 1948. 
Donald John Trump=68
Prince Charles=68

The 114 stuff in regards to the Cubs and Michael Jordan though is interesting as "Lebron James"=114 

The best player for the Indians in 1948 WS was Lou Boudreau. He was also the coach of the Indians that year. 

Notice he died on the 222nd day of 2001. But this year it would've been the 223rd day.  He was also born on 7/17/17. This date sticks out a lot to me as the this is when the House of Windsor began as well. It's been 99 years. 
Also 10/8...the 108 stuff that connects to the Cubs. This guy even coached the Cubs for 1 season in 1960.
1960 was the year of the Curse of Rocky Colavito. If you include this season it was 57 seasons ago too. 

Notice the Cubs only won 60 games in 1960 and lost 94 games. 
Cleveland Indians=94

His MLB Debut was on 9/9 even. Elizabeth surpassed Victoria on 9/9/15. 
If you recall all the sports championships this year have been connected to the Royal Family as well. 
King Charles died age 48
Charles II=48
Prince Charles born in 48'. 

Lou Boudreau=45, 135
He played 15 seasons and coached 15 seasons and also died 15 years ago on 8/10. 
Possibly nothing but tonight the Indians won 4-5 against the Red Sox in a controversial strike call on # 15 of the Red Sox. 
8/10 to 10/6 is 57 days. (World series)

He was even 1-5 in the game. Also I notice he had 15 HR's this season. 
Dustin Pedroia=65

I loved in the game tonight as well when # 22 Kipnis hit's a HR against # 22 pitcher when the score was 2-2. 

I also love how the Indians have a player named Carlos Santana. 
All I can think about is the Musician with the same name...Also notice this guy was born on 4/8. 
Carlos Santana=39, 48, 57, 138
Donald Trump=48, 138....

I wish I knew more about the musician I bet there's a clue involved in it. I just think of the song Smooth and that's about it. Never really listened to this guy. 

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