Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Two Powerful Earthquakes in Italy- Cubs player Grover Cleveland Alexander

It's not in the US but interesting we are getting a big Earthquake story just now. I've been talking about Earthquakes for a while and how they connect up to the World Series. I wonder if this is the last of it or if we will get a few more Earthquakes in Italy along with these. 
Indians in their 116th season. 
Cleveland Indians=67

These Earthquakes come 63 days or 2 months 2 days after the last big Earthquake in Italy. 

Not sure if this is a good thing to do but I just noticed the time of the first Earthquake was 19:10 local time. I looked up the 1910 World Series and the Cubs lost to the A's. 
Funny too I accidently thought it was 19:18 and I looked up the 1918 WS in which the Cubs also lost. 

The only Cubs Hall of Famer in the 1918 World Series was Grover Cleveland Alexander. (What a name). 
Grover Cleveland Alexander=112, 247 

He's tied with most wins ever for a pitcher in the NL. He got his 373rd and Final win on August 10th 1929. 10/8.  
I know this doesn't fit in this post but felt like typing it up as I bet it fits in somewhere with the current WS. 

Anyway we'll see if anything more comes of the earthquakes possibly aftershocks. 

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