Sunday, October 23, 2016

Back to the Future III Grover Cleveland, Stamford, CT, Earling, Iowa Exorcsim- Paranormal Activity Film and weird connections to my life with it tonight.

I was thinking about the Back to the Future connection to the WS again. I mentioned how it's still connected because in Part III they go back 131 years ago, and use train # 131 to push the Delorean. Plus all the Train wrecks....The Train pushes it back and then a Train Destroys the Time Machine and then Doc Brown comes back in the Train Time Machine. 
BTF Part III came out on the 145th day of the year. 
Chicago Illinois=145

Remember in the very beginning of the movie Marty drives the Delorean into the native america tribe that is getting chased by the Calvary. Then he parks the delorean in a cave and gets chased by a Bear(Chicago Bears..Cubs?).  
Anyway I started wondering who was the president in 1885 at the time of this movie. 

You got it...Grover CLEVELAND. He died age 71. Remember the Cubs were cursed 71 years ago. 

Also look when he died...1908 the year the Cubs last won the World Series. 

He died 108 days before the 1908 WS began. It's been 108 years since the Cubs won and a lot more. 
Eighteen Eighty Five=108

Christopher Lloyd also turned 78 years old yesterday, the day the Cubs made the WS.  Remember he is from Stamford, CT too that is super connected to this year. 
Stamford Connecticut=79, 88, 223
Curse of the Billy Goat=88, 223
Gene Wilder died there, Jackie Robinson Died there, Mike Sadler was born there. The Chelsea trash bombs were connected to the Minnesota Mall Stabbing. The first team to play in Minnesota's new stadium was Chelsea the soccer team who's home field in called Stamford Bridge. Stamford is where the first ever Marathon was held in the US. I'm telling you there is something very special about the Exorcism that happened in Earling, Iowa 88 years ago. 
Earling, Iowa=114
Cubs need 114 wins to win the WS. 
It was the first famous exorcism in the US and the Book and Movie the Exorcist were partially based off of it. William Peter Blatty even born in 1928 the same year is happened. 
The exorcised girl came from Marathon, Wisconsin. 
Earling, Iowa used to be called Marthan, Iowa but they changed it because there was already a town called Marathon, Iowa. The trash bombs in Chelsea reminded us of the Boston Marathon that was on 666 Boylston Street. 
The girl in the Earling, Iowa exorcism was "Emma Schmidt"=45, 108
The guy they ended up naming the town after was the president of the Railroad on 9/23/1899. (Albert J Earling).  He died exactly 57 years before I was born on 11/10/1925. 
World Series=57

Emmett Brown=49, 148
Doc Brown=40, 94
Cleveland Indians=94, 148
Marty McFly=46, 136
Chicago Cubs=46

The Chicago White Stockings who were the early version of the Cubs also won/tied the 1885 World Series(Not officially called that yet though). 

Notice this Series began 1 month 12 days after Marty McFly arrives in 1885. 

The Chicago White Stockings and the National League only played 103 games that season. 
Chicago Cubs finished season with 103 wins this year. 
Chicago White Stockings=228

Notice the American League played 112 games in the regular season in 1885. 
Maybe nothing but interesting it's Emmett BROWN and the St. Louis BROWNS. 
Emmett Lathrop Brown=238
St. Louis, Missouri=238
Browns=91=Chicago Cubs

So anyway as I was writing up this post I looked back at the Paranormal Activity movies because the Last one that came out I remembered was 88 minutes long. They also open up a time portal to 1992 when the film series setting all goes back to...well 1988-92. The guy watches the old films from 1988-1992 in 2013 and they talk to him... You have to see the movie. Anyway what is crazy is I was gonna rewatch the movie and I came upstairs and turned on the TV and it was on channel FXX. Of course Paranormal Activity 5 (The Marked Ones is on). Not the movie I was thinking of but still what are the odds? It's even on a scene in the guys bedroom and he has a big Buffalo picture on his wall. 

In Part 5 they open a doorway and travel back in time to 10/8/2006.  10/8? That's pretty weird stuff. 

Possibly nothing but this movie came out 1024 days ago too. Which reminds me a lot of tomorrow's date 10/24 that I just talked about with Bill Murray. 

Notice the movie I was looking up before I turned on the TV came out exactly 1 year ago today too on 10/23/15. Creepy ass shit. 

Now I gotta watch these films tonight. 
Interesting too today is 66 days after the anniversary of the Earling Exorcism beginning on 8/18/28. It didn't end until 12/23/28. 
St. Josephs Parish=66
Joseph Steiger=66(Priest)
Father Berner=66 (another priest helping). 

Funny too last night I posted about how Youtube changed my Jose Bautista thumbnail to Father Howdy who was a priest in my town as a kid and turned out to be a child molester.  Anyway he used to be a Priest in Earling, Iowa too after he left the town I'm from. 
The girl who was possessed was supposedly possessed by her father's mistress who practiced witchcraft....Which is a lot of what Paranormal Activity is about.  Weird stuff. Almost makes ya wonder if Father Howdy actually did do something to me in regards to what these movies are about. Marking young children for their rituals. Who knows....
Marathon, Iowa=57, 138
The Marked Ones=57, 138


  1. Dude. My thought are with you. You'll be just fine.

    I was an alter boy too. Parents didnt understand sh-t back in the day. Priest were like royalty.

    Probably nothing happened. And if it did you don't remember it, nor do you need to.

    Just keep doing what your doing. EVOL exists , and you you probably now have radar to avoid it.

  2. Oh for sure, I'm not worried about it whatsoever. It really just makes me wonder though lol. There is just a lot of weird "coincidences" that make me think about my past. Probably nothing did happen, as if it did I'm sure I would remember but it's still odd/funny that it's been a inside joke with my friends and I for years. We all knew that guy was a creeper and none of our parents believed us. I just like documenting it as there truly is something in all of these connections that goes back to the Area I live, and eventually I might put it all together.