Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Wisconsin vs Michigan preview and things to watch for

Michigan plays Wisconsin this week. Should be an interesting game. 
First thing I notice is that Wisconsin ranked # 8 and Michigan # 4. 
The game is in "Ann Arbor, Michigan"=84
Eight=31, 49
The 31st prime is 127..

Michigan in it's 127th season according to

Also all time this will be the 65th time the teams have met. 
Michigan has 49 wins right now.  
Sixty Five=49
If they win they will get their 50th win and get a 5-0 record on the season. 
Wilton Speight's bday is 12/6. 
10/1 to 12/6 is 66 days. 
But..."Sixty Six"=41....4-1 record?

Something to think about though is Michigan won with 49 points last week. 
Remember before Wisconsin beat Mich St. they scored 23 points against Georgia State. They got their 23rd win against all time against Mich St. the next week. 

Wisconsin going for it's 15th win against Michigan. 
Fifteen=38, 65
Badgers=29, 38, 56
Also their coach Chryst is going for his 15th win at Wisconsin, but Harbaugh also going for his 15th win at Michigan. 

Jim Harbaugh is going into this game with 43 career college coaching wins. 
Paul Chryst=44
Harbaugh also has the same record at Michigan as Chryst has at Wisconsin.  14-3. 

Notice Paul Chryst also has 33 career wins right now and a record of 14-3. 
Paul Chryst=143
Thirty Three=66=Harbaugh
If he wins against Michigan he will be 15-3 on the season. 
Sixty three=153
If he loses he will be 14-4. 
Forty Four=144

There's some really interesting parallels in this stuff. 
Chryst is coaching his 56th game all time. 
Harbaugh coaching his 68th. 
Sixty Eight=56

Wilton Speight also has a record of 8-1 going into the game. 
Notice he also has 81 completed passes too. 
If he wins he will be 9-1 on the day that leaves 91 days in the year. 

Hornibrook will be 4-0 or 3-1 after this game. Notice he's attempted 43 passes...And even has a 9 23 in the Stats. 

One thing that makes me wonder that I didn't talk about last week was the fact that Hornibrook is from West Chester, PA. 
I've talked a lot about the Amtrak derailments and how they have been connected to multiple events including sports. On 4/3 we got the Chester Amtrak Derailment. 

If you go from that Derailment to the game on 10/1 it's 181 days. 
Wisconsin Badgers=181
Remember that train was heading to "Savannah, Georgia"=142, 70 as well. 
Wolverines=52, 70, 142
Savannah=26, 44
You know it's very interesting too in regards to Chicago...
West Chester=145=Chicago, Illinois
10/1 leaves 91 days in the year.  "Chicago Cubs"=91
The Cubs play the "Cincinnati Reds"=70, 142 that day. 
One Hundred Eighty One=108
One Hundred Forty Four=108

The last time Wisconsin played Michigan was 11/20/2010
Wisconsin won 48-28...Notice their record..10-1.
Now they play again on 10/1. 
11+20+20+10=61 and Wisconsin became 6-1 in the Big 10. 
Chryst going for 34th win on 10/1..."Thirty Four"=61
The only teams Wisconsin lost to in 2010 were Michigan State and TCU=44 in the Rose Bowl. 

Notice Michigan had 28 points in the 2010 game. The upcoming game is 2 months 8 days after the Death of Foltz/Sadler in Wisconsin but also 70 days. 

The game on 10/1 is also 28 days after both teams 1st game. 

The last time Michigan and Wisconsin played was exactly 306 weeks ago. 
Remember Wisconsin won 30-6 last week and all the 36 63 stuff seems to be working in their favor this year. 

Who knows gonna watch the espn articles and see if anything comes up in the next few days with more clues. 



    (They highlight this story around a Wisc. Player #47)

    1. Nice 10+1+20+16=47 and that Michigan player article # 41...4-1? Also did you notice on the link above showing Herbstreit they showed his 2 jerseys in the background of # 4....44 and Herbstreit is 47 years old. Although "forty seven"=50 which could be a 5-0 record or Michigan's 50th win.

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  3. Dan, maybe Wisconsin & Nebraska both face each-other at 7-0?

    1. I've wondered that as well. It seems unbelievable that Wisconsin would beat Michigan and Ohio State, but I guess that's how they run stuff too. It also seemed unbelievable that Nebraska would be 4-0 right now to most people as well.

    2. I agree, if you told anyone before the season Wisconsin would beat Mich State in East Lansing, than Michigan in the big house followed by Ohio State. Doesn't seem realistic at all.

      Another win this weekend would go a long way

  4. Wisconsin only beat Michigan state because their ex kicker died there. That is the only reason. As for them beating LSU - it was a packer tribute to Bart Starr and upcoming Houston super bowl. Michigan should win.