Friday, September 23, 2016

Michigan State vs Wisconsin preview 63..Mike Sadler-Sam Foltz Death

So I've been interested in the game as Ex-Michigan State Player died with Sam Foltz in the car wreck in Wisconsin. 
I thought it was a good thing for LSU because their player survived in the Wreck but then LSU lost to Wisconsin 1st game of the season. 
This makes me wonder if Both Michigan State and Nebraska will beat Wisconsin this year? 
We will see, but it would be fitting for Nebraska to lose as well considering they should most likely be 7-0 going up against Wisconsin and if they lose they would be 7-1..Nebraska=71
Anyway I looked further in depth in the game and it seems as though Michigan St. will win this week. A few things make me question it, but it seems to lead more to Michigan St. than Wisconsin. 

So Mike Sadler died 63 days before this game. 
There seems to be a lot of 63 around Wisconsin for some reason.

Nebraska plays Wisconsin 3 months 6 days after Foltz, Sadler die. 

Nebraska also plays Wisconsin on 10/29 that leaves 63 days in the year. 

Mike Sadler and Sam Foltz bdays also 63 days apart. 

Wisconsin's most one sided loss ever was even a 63-0 loss to Minnesota. 

The last time Michigan State played Wisconsin was on 
Notice Wisconsin became 6-3 after the game. 
Something interesting is that game has the same date numerology of the game on Saturday too. 
Michigan State won 16+13=29 

According to Mich St. is in it's 92nd season. Although On Wikipedia it says 121st season.  Which is interesting it's a difference of 29 seasons too. 
East Lansing=121
Michigan St. Joined the Big 10 in 1953, so according to it was their 29th season. 
Michigan State played it's first game this year on 9/2 against Furman. 
Last year Michigan State beat Iowa in the Big 10 Championship and the whole game was about 29. 
Iowa lost by "Three"=29   also 3 is the # Mike Sadler wore. 
Lucas Oil=29, 92
The score was 16+13=29
Iowa the 29th state, Hoover only Iowa president in 1929. Kinnick stadium opened in 1929. 
So interesting that Iowa didn't win that game. 

Another interesting thing is Bart Houston is not starting this game, instead they are going with Alex Hornibrook. 

Notice Hornibrook came in the game last week just after the score became 6 to 3 with 6 minutes in the 3rd..Well he came in the next drive...not exactly at this time.  

He started his first drive on the 31 yard line. 

If Wisconsin loses they will become 3-1 on the year. 
Also their coach Paul Chryst will become 13-4 career at Wisconsin. 
Thirty One=134, 53
Paul Chryst=53

It's also the 53rd time these teams will have met. 
If Michigan St. wins it will be the 31st time. 
Michigan St. is ranked # 8 currently. 
Wisconsin ranked # 11. 
11th prime number is 31. 
Also the only other number I know that adds to 134 when written out is 84. 
Eighty Four=134
Michigan State Spartans=84

Interesting though if Wisconsin wins they will be 4-0...
Forty=84, 30
Also Wisconsin won last week 23-17=40
Hornibrook's 1st pass was also a 29 yard reception. 
W=23  23 wins?   But Chryst also could get his 23rd career loss. 
Paul Chryst=143  as well so could become 14-3. 

Mike Sadler's first game against Wisconsin was on 10/22/11. 
10+22+20+11=63   Mich St. Won that game. 
10+22+11=43=Mike Sadler

Sadler's 2nd game against Wisonsin was the Big 10 Championship in Lucas Oil, in which they lost to Wisconsin. 
Just interesting with the 29 stuff. 
Lucas Oil=29=Badgers. 
Yet Iowa loses..they don't add to 29 but they have a lot of 29 connections. 
The game on Saturday however is in Spartan Stadium. 
Also Michigan State was ranked 11th going into that Big 10 Championship...Wisconsin got it's 11th win. 

So that means Mike Sadler was 2-1 against Wisconsin in his career. The game on 9/24/16 is 2 months 1 days after Sadler dies. If Mich. St. loses they will be 2-1 on the season.  Wisconsin finished last season ranked #21 after winning the Holiday Bowl 23-21=44. 

Another interesting thing about Wisonsin is last week they were ranked # 9 and scored 23 points. Now they are ranked 11th.  A lot like 9 23 and 9 11. 

Notice Bart Houston has 44 completed passes on the season.  44-71. 
Paul Chryst=44
Sixty Three=153, 54
Bart Houston=153, 54
Most likley why he isn't starting, he's staying on the "Kill"=44 number and has connections to 63. 
Houston=31, 40 
No matter win or lose his name fits what their record would be. 
East Lansing=40

Houston is even playing Texas State this week. 
Texas State=134, 44

Mark Dantonio also currently has 107 wins. 
Mark Dantonio=63
It also seems fitting he would get his 90th win as MSU with 33 losses. 

Also Sadler was just inducted into the Hall of Fame on 9/22.  Notice the Tweet at 3:43...  Mike Sadler=43
Mike Sadler died on 23/7...
Michigan State Spartans=237
Two Hundred Thirty Seven=108

His mom even befriended LSU Colby Delahoussaye and was also there to accept Sadler's HOF induction. 
Karen Sadler=108
Michigan St. does play BYU on 10/8 but it seems more fitting to me that Dantonio would get his 108th win after a HOF induction. 
Hall of Fame=43=Sadler

Mike Sadler was born on 11/19/1991 and died 119 days before his bday. 
11/19 is a very important day as well. 
It's the day King Charles I was born, the Gettysburg Address was given. Jodie Foster was born....James Garfield born. 
Mister Ed and 11/19 stuff
November Nineteenth=91 

Seriously look where he was born...Stamford, CT. A place I keep talking about as well. Super connected to the Trashcan=84 bombs that were connected to the Boston Marathon. 

Sadler died 8 months 4 days after his 24th bday.
Michigan State Spartans=84

He was a member of Phi Kappa Phi that is 119 years old. 
Remember he died 119 days before his bday on 11/19. 
It's headquartered in Baton, Rouge where LSU plays and Colby Delahoussaye the survivor of the accident plays. 
Founded on 15/3=Bart Houston=Sixty Three
Members 71,000 and 35,000 lifetime....Nebraska=35, 71

Nebraska plays Wisconsin 84 days before what would've been Sam Foltz bday too. 

Nebraska and Mich St. play Wisconsin 35 days apart. 

Actually Sadler was born 2 years 2 months 2 days before Sam Foltz. 
Nebraska Cornhuskers=222 says Wisconsin in it's 125th season. Although Wiki says 128 seasons. 

Well gonna think about this some more tomorrow and possibly add some more stuff. Getting too tired and have to get up at the butt crack of dawn. It's looks as though Wisconsin will lose but a few things make wonder..Especially since I can't find the exact stats to know for sure on some things.

I'm truly interested to see how this all plays out. Wisconsin has a tough schedule ahead of them... If they lose to Mich St. I think they will probably lose to Michigan and Ohio State, Beat Iowa. That way they go into Nebraska game 4-3. We will see, just documenting stuff.. I honestly hate making picks, because people don't seem to understand the point is showing the coding exists..Figuring out what it all means for every game, every single time is something no one has figured out yet, but we are getting closer.  


  1. on the NCAA section - scroll down to the banner with the time ticker of "34" is of Wisconsin lined up against MSU - the MSU player clearly has "44" shown in this banner clue

  2. 44 - death - MSU loses -
    Told you to check it out