Thursday, September 1, 2016

Hurricane Hermine...other Storms Colin and Alex 49ers?

We are getting the story about Hurricane Hermine that is heading towards Florida right now. 
This is the 9th storm of the Atlantic Hurricane season in 2016. 

What I find interesting is the name of some of these storms. I just posted about the Colin Kaepernick and Alex Smith Connection a bit. 
The First storm was named Alex and we also got a storm named Colin. 

Probably more to come with this story as well. Just wanted to point that out. I thought it was interesting considering my other posts. 
Last year I was talking about Freddie Gray and his sister. Then we got the storms Fred and Ericka.  His sister's name Fredericka. 

Hermine=45, 72
Hurricane Hermine=97, 169
Florida Panhandle=140

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