Friday, September 9, 2016

Death of Kansas Football Player Brandon Bourbon another look, because of Youtube comments 108

I've got a few comments on this old video talking about the death of former Kansas player Brandon Bourbon. I just wanted to post a few new things I find interesting in this story. 
Brandon Bourbon=65, 155

So both of these people say they are related Brandon Bourbon. If you look up Britney Niggeman you actually do find her online and find in his obituary so no doubt she is related. Or it's possible this is just a fake account pretending to be her?  
The thing is though in the message she sent on 9/4 she says my connection has been derailed because he actually died on 4/2 but no one found him until 4/8. 
Freemason=42    4+2+20+16=42 It was the 93rd day of the year. 

If you go from the day she says he died to the day she comments it's a span on 155 days. 

What I was reporting earlier was the media story saying he died on 4/8. 
He wore # 25 at Kansas and it was 25 days after the Kansas Amtrak derailment. 
I also mentioned how his death was connected to the NBA Finals in regards to how the Philadelphia Trainwreck was connected to the Finals in 2015. It took me back to the Trainwreck in Philadelphia in 1943 going 108 mph. 
Villanova=108 (Philadelphia)
Golden State Warriors=108(Formerly Philadelphia)
Haggard=108(Death of Merle Haggard stuff)
One Hundred Fifty Five=108(Days and Bourbon's name)
I also mentioned how Pope Francis turned 79 years old 108 days before the other Amtrak derailment story we got on 4/3. 
Now think about this in light of all the 108 stuff I've mentioned in regards to Chicago Cubs.   The Kansas Trainwreck was going to Chicago. It had 145 people on board. "Chicago Illinois"=145
"One Hundred Forty Five"=108

A few other things I noticed in the story is that his mom's maiden name is "Eye". If you look at my previous post I even mentioned the twitter pic with the 1 eye symbolism and the Raiders. She works at Kingston K-14.....K=11   11-14(Prince Charles Bday). 
Prince=65=Brandon Bourbon
Remember all of sports were connected to Prince Charles stemming back to the English Civil War. King Charles I married Henrietta Marie who was from the House of Bourbon. 
It is no doubt they killed this kid, and I think he knew it was coming after watching a few of his facebook video's he posted just before he died. Or these people are born into a Freemason family, or some how brain washed.  A lot of stuff that interests me in this story.  
Britney Niggeman=163
Madilyn Lyons=163(other comment)
38th prime is 163. 
Kansas=38, 65=Prince
Kansas Jayhawks=163
One Hundred Sixty Three=108
I think it's pretty obvious I'm supposed to see the 108. 
Sept. 14th is the day that leaves 108 days. It's also the day William McKinley died and Teddy Roosevelt became president. 
William McKinley=171, 72
English Civil War=171
Roosevelt=131=Prince Charles

He even died 4 months 11 days before his 25th bday. 
Notice August 19th the day that leaves 134 days in the year. 
King Charles III=134
I talked about the twitter post with Ben Heeney who was born on May 13th which was the 134th day this year. 
I put the video out on 13/4 even...

The media reports his death 2 months 11 days before King "Lebron" James wins the NBA Finals on the Real King James Birthday.   
Brandon Kyle Bourbon....BKB. 
2, 11, 2.  Also...222
William Mckinley=72

Some videos on his Facebook. He posts Old Dirty Bastard saying people think he's crazy but he's not. It's the government and what not. 
Then he posts some weird ass video of him praying in front a big cross and saying stuff about don't let them get into your subconscious, and our brains being computers.  I wonder who the guy with him in the Orioles hat is though? 
Brandon Bourbon Death original post

Notice ODB died on Nov. 13th the day that leaves 48 days in the year. 
Forty Eight=133
Think about the video he was talking about the "Government"=133
Ol' Dirty Bastard=168=Queen Elizabeth II
Also 1008(English) which interesting reminds me of Oct. 8th or 10/08? 
Brandon Bourbon reportedly died on 4/8. 
Charles I died age 48
Charles II=48
Prince Charles born in 1948. 

The last thing that has been released of ODB is this mixtape. Now ask yourself why all these famous artist's going way back were all obsessed with Egypt and the Gods? I think a lot of kids think Jay-Z and some other artists and think it's something new. It's sad that it's been made into some type of joke as well, which in turn keeps anyone who actually tries to think about it quiet. It's been this way forever however with multiple artists. 

Kevin Costner has been played a big role in this coding as well. 
Remember we got the death of Chief David Bald Eagle this year too. 

Kevin Costner=155
Yellowsmoke=155 (Native American my town killed) Coster plays Jim Garrison on JFK who is from where Yellowsmoke Park is. 
Dances with Wolves..The Civil War theme also Bald Eagle famous for. 
It's been 155 years since the Civil War began. 
David Bald Eagle Jr.=117
Bald Eagle born on 4/8 which was the same day Brandon Bourbon reported dead. Bald eagle dies age 84. 
Michael Richard Pence=155 (VP candidate)
His bday was the same as Prince(singers) bday. 
6/7 to Election day is 155 days. (Pence, Prince bday). 
Oakland Athletics=155 (Won Earthquake Series predicted in 1989 Field of Dreams). 
Roc A Fella Records=155 (ODB's final album not released). 

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