Monday, September 5, 2016

Jacob Wetterling remains found..Huskers/Vikings/Michigan Baliffs shot

I've been meaning to cover this story for a few days now, but kept seeing other stories and other thoughts I wanted to post first. 

Once again the story reminds me of all the stuff I have been mentioning.  Wetterling found 27 years after being kidnapped. Sam Foltz # 27.  Even wearing a red shirt in this picture they show on CNN which possibly nothing, but reminds me of Nebraska. 
Notice the video even 53 seconds. 
Ha just noticed I took that pic with 27 seconds too, not on purpose. 
Twenty Seven=172
This kid born on 17/2.  Which is also Michael Jordan's bday. Jordan is 53 right now.  I just talked about Jordan's connection and how Sam Foltz died on the 23rd anniversary of his dad. 
Eleven=27 (Age he was kidnapped)

Interesting it was the RAMsey County Medical Examiner. 
Just talked about the Bridgewater connection to the Rams/Moses in Minnesota. 
Ramsey County=53

Notice he was kidnapped in St. Joseph, Minnesota. 
St. Joseph, Minnesota=222
Nebraska Cornhuskers=222

CNN even gives us a related video of 2:22. 
They found his remains in "Paynesville"=140
Theodore Bridgewater II=121
Sam Foltz born on 1/21. 

Although they keep reporting 27 years. They actually found his body 1 month 21 days before the 27th anniversary. 
He was born in 78'. 
Nebraska Cornhuskers=78
Danny Heinrich=78 (Child Porn guy who clued them to body)

Heinrich even most likely 53 years old now as they find his body.

His mother of course from Omaha, Nebraska and born on 11/2. 
Sam Foltz=112
They announced they were Jacob's remains 1 month 12 days after Sam Foltz dies.
They discovered them on 9/1.  

He was kidnapped 9 months 1 day after 1/21. Foltz was born on this day in 1994. 

Also Kidnapped 91 days before 1/21. 
Ninety One=121
Patty Wetterling=71=Nebraska
Wetterling=133, 52

Just wanted to point out his father a Vikings Fan.

Notice in 1989 too, the Vikings lost to the Lions the same day he was kidnapped. 20-7=27.  Now they find him 27 years later? 
The Vikings became 5-2.  "Prophecy"=52=Cornhuskers
They also beat Houston to start off the season. SB 51 in Houston. 
They finished the season against the 49ers on 1/6 which was 76 days after he was kidnapped. 
Notice their first 2 games as well. They won 38-7 and then lost 7-38. "Minnesota"=38  "Seven"=38

The Vikings Starting QB that year was Wade Wilson who wore # 11. 

The first game he didn't start that season was the same day Wetterling was kidnapped age 11. He then started again against the RAMS on 11/5. 
Charles Wade Wilson=191  His last season for the Vikings was 1991. 
Wade Wilson of course reminds me of DeadPool who is played by Ryan Reynolds who is also Van Wilder. 
Ryan Reynolds=71
St. Joseph Michigan Baliff's shot
The family being from St. Joseph, Minnesota reminds me of the shooting story we got on 7/11 at the Courthouse in St. Joseph, Michigan. 

Notice that shooting happened 1 month 21 days before they found his found as well. 

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