Thursday, September 29, 2016

Dolphins vs Bengals Thursday Night 9/29/2016

Tonight we have the Dolphins vs Bengals. 

It's the 21st time they have met in the Regular season and the 22nd overall time they have played. 
The Regular season record is Miami 15-5 over Bengals. 
Interesting if Miami loses the record will be 15-6 against the Bengals. 
Cincinnati Bengals=156
Six=16...Miami going for 16  reg season Wins. 
Sixteen=33, 96

But overall Miami is 16-5 going into this game...
If Miami loses they will be 16-6. 
One Hundred Sixty Six=95, 257
Thursday Night Football=95, 257 
September Twenty Ninth=95, 275

Tonights game is 1065 days after the last time they played. 

The last time they played Miami won with 22 points so interesting it's the 22nd time overall they are playing. 
Whoever wins the game will have a record of 2-2 on the season as they are both 1-2 right now. 
9+29+20+16=74(Today's game). 
Paul Brown Stadium=74 

Depending on the end date today is also the 21st or 22nd day of the season too. 
Twenty Two=165

Dolphins QB Tannehill is playing his 68th NFL game. 
He's 2-0 currently against the Bengals. 

Tannehill's bday was also 2 months 2 days ago. (No end date)

It's Andy Dalton's 81st game. He's 0-2 against Miami. 

Today is 30 days before his Bday. 
So interesting if Bengals lose Dolphins will be 3-0 against Dalton, 30 days before his bday. 

The first time he played the Dolphins was his 21st game losing with a total score of 30.  He attempted 43 passes...Dolphins=43
Today is also the 21st day of the regular season.(no end date)
The 21st time they have played in the regular season.  

Dolphins coach is in his first year as head coach. 
So his record is 1-2 overall currently. 
Adam Gase=51
Nice that he is the coach in the Dolphins 51st season. 
He's 38 years old...If Tannehill loses tonight he will get his 38th career loss. 

Tonights game is Bengals coach Marvin Lewis' 212th career game. 
He's 113-96 currently. 
113 is the 30th prime number too. (Dalton 30 stuff..)

The Dolphins currently 6-5 on Thursday night games and 1-3 on the road. 
Paul Brown Stadium=65
Miami Florida=65
So either be 6-6 or 7-5.....2-3 or 1-4 on the road. 
Cincinnati Bengals=75
Thursday Night=66
I went through and counted the seasons as well as I can't find the Bengals all time Thursday Night record but I counted they are 6-5 as well. 

This has been the NFL headline story on today. 
# 55 front and center. 
Marvin Lewis=55
Dolphins going for 17th win over Bengals. Tannehill wears # 17
Seventeen=55, 109  
257 is the 55th prime (One Hundred Sixty Six=257)
Sacrifice=55 and notice the 67 in the background as well. 
Blood Sacrfice=67 

Vontaze Burfict=65
Miami Dolphins=79

He's coming back from Suspension on his 48th game. 
Notice he has 30 wins too possibly getting his 17th loss. 

Laremy Tunsil also getting his first start. 
Remember everything about him was 48 and 13. 
He posted the twitter pic 13 minutes before the draft then got drafted 13th. 
Ole Miss won with 48 points in his final game.. He was drafted on 4+28+16=48
Tunsil=23, 32, 95
Left Tackle=32, 95
September Twenty Ninth=95
One Hundred Sixty Six=95

We also have CB Maxwell # 41 of the Dolphins benched tonight. 
13th prime is 41. 

This guy starting for Maxwell. 
Notice he's played 13 games. 
Tannehill=41, 95
Thursday Night Football=95
Paul Brown=41(Stadium)
Week Four=41, 104
Dan Marino wore # 13 as well..
Marino=70=Miami Dolphins
Marino turned 55 years old 14 days ago. 

Even got this article on headline earlier.
Fourteen=41, 104
Bengals coach in his 14th season as well. 

We'll see what happens in the game. 


  1. Noticed the player benched was from Michigan State and so is the Rookie Coach .... just notes

  2. Hey Dan "Vince begiel # 47 for Wisconsin out 7&8 weeks... Guess Michigan will win idk just saw it figured post